September 22, 2019

Office of Instruction Website

Check out the Office of Instruction’s new website that includes

  • an archive of my weekly updates
  • outcomes of the 4020 and 4021 process
  • forms and resources specific to faculty

The site can be accessed off CR’s homepage by visiting About CR à College Leadership.

Title Changes in Career Education

I remember the first time I learned of the Chancellors Office’s new positions titled Sector Navigators and Deputy Sector Navigators, referred to as DSN’s by people in the know. I wasn’t sure what to make of these titles, but I will think about them no longer because a new Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development has been appointed and new titles have been developed.

  • Sector Navigators are now Statewide Directors, followed by the disciplines they serve. E.g., Statewide Director, Advanced Manufacturing
  • Deputy Sector Navigators are now Regional Directors, Employer Engagement, followed by the sector and region they serve. E.g., Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Health Occupations, North Coast.

These positions support objectives of the Strong Workforce Program and K12 SWP, as well as the Chancellor’s Office with statewide workforce and economic development projects. Butte and Shasta College host several of the now Regional Directors in our region.

Partnership Resource Team Visiting CR

The Chancellor’s Office will send a team of colleagues from colleges across the state to CR on October 22, 2019 as part of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI). At the request of President Flamer, CR was awarded a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) to provide assistance in areas of faculty professional development and cross-disciplinary community building.

The team, led by the president of Santa Rosa Junior College, will interview a variety of stakeholders to explore and identify potential strategies. The Chancellor’s Office makes available grants to institutions that receive teams and submit an Innovation and Effectiveness Plan. You can learn more about PRTs here.

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