October 12, 2019

Still Preparing for New Bookstore

As of Friday the 11th, 74 faculty have submitted textbook orders ahead of the October 15 due date. Please note that I am confirming via email every few days that individual textbook orders have been  received. So if more than a few days pass (or have passed) after your submission and you haven't heard from me, please let me know. The bulk of the feedback I’ve received is that the form is easy to use. Here are the submission instructions once again, just in case.

Textbook requests: Submit textbook requests online at this link: https://forms.gle/wR3JBSQvGEN7dnXGA

The .pdf form you submitted in the past was for Follett and will no longer be accepted.

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same class, you will need to complete a separate form for each section. This semester is the only time you will have to submit separate orders for EACH section. In the future, Barnes & Noble’s online adoption tool will allow you to easily assign a book to multiple sections.

Need help? Bookstore Manager Ashley Mitchell and Academic Senate Administrative Secretary Jessica Frint will be holding drop-in hours in FM-108 on October 14 from 9 am - 1 pm to provide assistance filling out the online order form and to answer any questions.

California Virtual College (CVC)-Online Education Initiative (OEI) Update

The CVC-OEI just made two important announcements. 

  • The Chancellor’s Office wants all colleges, whether they are part of the CVC-OEI Consortium or not) to fully integrate into the online Course Exchange by June 2023. This would mean that students across the state will be able to access and enroll in online courses at all colleges across the system without submitting a separate application. Students would also carry their Promise Grant and other information with them for a smooth transition.
  • In the next few weeks, the OEI will send information about how colleges can apply to join the CVC-OEI Consortium. The Consortium plans to add at least 18 colleges this year, for a total membership of 75 colleges. Last year, CR's Academic Senate passed a resolution supporting CR's efforts to join the Consortium. 

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Note: Excludes all other modalities such as correspondence.

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