October 20, 2019

New Bookstore Submissions!

As of today, faculty have submitted spring 2019 textbook orders for 456 course sections. Over 300 orders came in last week, and orders have been received for nearly 90 percent of all sections that require a textbook! Thank you so much for taking this deadline seriously so that CR can provide cheaper and more accessible textbooks to students.

Next steps?

  • Getting the word out to students about the new online store using emails, social media, fliers, etc.
  • Piloting Barnes & Noble’s new online faculty adoption tool this summer.
  • Installing kiosks for students to order books online at Del Norte, Eureka and Klamath-Trinity.

If you still need to submit an order, the online submission form will remain open, and we will send your orders to MBS on a regular basis. But keep this in mind: your books may not be available in the online bookstore until after it opens to students in December.

Submit textbook requests online at this link: https://forms.gle/wR3JBSQvGEN7dnXGA

  Results of Teleconferencing Survey: Del Norte & Klamath-Trinity

As you know, faculty and staff at the Del Norte and Klamath-Trinity locations regularly participate in meetings remotely. This semester, employees at these locations completed a survey about the effectiveness of remote participation. Of the 19 respondents, most agreed that participating remotely in meetings has improved with Zoom. While this is encouraging, only 19% reported overall satisfaction with their ability to participate in meetings remotely. Ratings were lowest in terms of participants` ability to hear participants in Eureka. In addition, many participants commented about difficulty hearing and that the mic quality, placement in the room, and loudness of the speaker could improve their ability to hear and contribute. Respondents from Klamath-Trinity asked for additional trainings so that they can use Zoom more effectively.

The Office of Instruction and IT will collaborate to address the poor sound quality. The results of the survey will be included in my program review along with actions to improve quality of experience for remote participants.

Fast Fact

CR’s Office of Financial Aid just received the official cohort data for the last 7 years. This is an annual report created by the Chancellor’s Office. The number of students borrowing and repaying loans has dropped each year since 2011 leading to a small number of students defaulting on their loans.  


Cohort Year


















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