Faculty Prioritization & ACCJC Sub Change Updates

Faculty Prioritization Process

The Faculty Prioritization Committee met the Friday before Thanksgiving week until 7 pm. The committee reviewed proposals using the recently revised administrative procedure. Revisions included a new proposal form, new instructional dataset, and new rubric. The committee will meet again to assess the effectiveness of the new procedure to inform the Academic Standards and Policies Committee as they continue working on the procedure.

Changes to ACCJC’s Substantive Change Process

The ACCJC has significantly changed the way it requires colleges to gain approval to carry out a substantive change (e.g., change in mission, legal status, locations, curricular programming). What constitutes a substantive change has been somewhat unclear. To address this, the ACCJC now requires that a college's ILO submit a substantive change inquiry to the ACCJC. The ACCJC will then determine whether or not the change will require the college submitting a formal substantive change proposal for approval. 

The ACCJC has also relaxed some requirements. Until now, colleges needed to include in a substantive change proposal for ACCJC approval all new programs for which more than 50 percent of course offerings can be completed online. Moving forward, colleges that have already had an online substantive change approval (CR included) no longer need to do this.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Task Force

The District is forming a task force to research effective supplemental instruction. This group will research the unmet needs of students, analyze the effectiveness of CR’s Embedded Peer Instructional Cohort (EPIC), and research other models of supplemental instruction. The recommendations of this task force will be used to form an SI program at CR. 

Faculty, please contact me if you still need to be placed on a committee and are interested in serving on this task force. 

Fast Fact

Supplemental Instruction programs by area of support (58 colleges)

Basic skills English: 42

Basic Skills English & Math: 35

STEM courses: 33

ESL: 25

CTE: 16

Other: 6

Source: 2015 3CSN Survey of CCC Learning Assistance Programs


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