Utility Infrastructure Replacement and Seismic Strengthening (UIR-SS)

The UIR/SS is a fully state funded project that replaces an extensive amount of underground utilities across campus and also provides several system upgrades to the Applied Technology Building.  This larger project is actually 8 smaller projects combined. 

  • Project #1 is a complete replacement of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  This new plant will allow the College to provide on-site discharge thus reducing operational costs and providing a much lower risk of environmental impact. 
  • Project #2 is the installation of two new water storage tanks near the softball field to replace the older tanks located up behind the college. 
  • Project #3 is a replacement of the main sewer, water and electrical systems and the construction of a new 12KV infrastructure building that will house a new main switchgear panel. 
  • Project #4 is a consolidation of the College IT systems into one location in the LRC which will include backup power. 
  • Project #5 Is an upgrade to the campus cabling system which carries all data and phone systems. 
  • Project #6 is an upgrade of the building fire alarm systems throughout campus. 
  • Project 7 includes an upgrade to the campus energy management system that allows for greater environmental control of campus buildings. 
  • Project #8 is a renovation of many areas of the Applied Technology Building that includes ADA, HVAC, Doors/Locks and area roof replacement upgrades.

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