Old Library Demolition

The life cycle of the Old College of the Redwoods Library came full circle in October of 2019.  Unfortunately it became necessary to replace and demolish the structure when it became known that it was seismically unsafe.  The Library served the Campus and Community for over 50 years as a gathering place of learning that will continue on through the knowledge acquired by those who walked through its doors.  The history of the building continues to live on as prior to the demolition taking place, staff from the Construction Technology Program and Facilities Management had the opportunity to remove a significant amount of redwood from the interior and exterior of the building.  Construction Technology will be using this material on several projects they have planned as part of their academic program.  Facilities Management will be re-purposing the material to replace bench seating at the Trustee’s Bell Plaza, construct a new bench at the Veterans Memorial and other projects throughout campus.  A portion of the re-claimed redwood paneling has been installed into the lobby of the New Library also known as the Learning Resource Center.

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