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Office of the President

Office of the President


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The President/Superintendent is the chief administrative officer of the Redwoods Community College District and oversees the College of the Redwoods administration. Dr. Keith Flamer is the 7th President of CR, joining a diverse group of leaders.

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Van Pelt, Brian
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Board of Trustees Meeting

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I want to welcome you to College of the Redwoods (CR). 

CR is an exceptional learning environment in which students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. We are committed to providing students an opportunity to achieve their educational goals by offering programs and services designed for students who plan to seek a transfer degree, train for immediate employment or transition to a new career. 

I believe that, as a learning community, we strive to deliver quality education while ensuring that our students remain our top priority. We offer an environment that allows students to feel challenged, supported and determined—an environment in which every student can thrive and succeed.
As CR President, I appreciate this opportunity and am excited to work wonderful faculty, staff and students to make a positive change while continuing to make our college successful. 

I invite you to visit the Eureka campus or one of our district-wide educational centers or sites. I am confident that when you visit, you will discover what makes College of the Redwoods a first-class comprehensive community college. 

Dr. Keith Flamer

 fast Fact
The Student Services/Administration building on the Eureka Campus is named after College of the Redwoods' first president, Dr. Eugene Portugal.

Keith Flamer

Dr. Keith Flamer

Dr. Keith Flamer was named President/Superintendent of College of the Redwoods effective April 11, 2017. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Washington University, a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Eastern Washington, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

As an educational leader, he believes that it is critical to embrace diversity and remain sensitive to the needs of all students. He supports the success of those who may be differently abled or who experience social, cultural and economic orientations and backgrounds different from those experienced by faculty and staff with whom these students interact. He firmly believes that diversity is strength—and that multiculturalism is something to be celebrated, promoted, and cherished.

President's 2021-23 Goals

Goal 1: Accreditation
  • Meet or exceed all ACCJC accreditation standards and eligibility requirements.
Goal 2: Strategic Fiscal Plan
  • Continue ensuring that CR has a budget fund reserve that meets the goals specified in board policy.
  • Continue to reduce the College's student debt liability. 
  • Continue making efficient and effective use of CR’s resources – fiscal, human, and facilities–in support of CR’s mission.
Goal 3: Student access and success, retention, completion, and equity
  • Continue demonstrating progress toward meeting or exceeding the District’s Vision for Success Goals and Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard targets.
  • Continue developing course schedules that support long-term FTES growth and enhance access to curriculum.
  • Perform an occupational needs assessment to determine the highest demand workforce programs for the Eureka, Del Norte, and Klamath-Trinity locations. Furthermore, develop high demand and fiscally sustainable credit and non-credit career education programs to meet the needs identified via the assessment.
Goal 4: President and Board of Trustees
  • Continue to keep the Board informed about current College projects and initiatives.
  • Continue working closely with the President of the Board of Trustees.
  • Continue advocating for CR locally and statewide.
  • Continue showcasing various programs at Board meetings.
Goal 5: Re-imagine the future of CR
  • Continue aligning Education Master Plan initiatives with institutional planning and resource allocations.
  • Adopt the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) and align FMP strategies with institutional planning and resource allocations.
Goal 6: Work Environment
  • Continue implementing a normal operations work plan making needed adjustments as conditions change.
  • Continue communicating, through in-person meetings and virtual and in-person town halls, to all CR stakeholders the importance of CR’s commitment to equity, inclusion, civility, and open expression to create a college community in which all members of the community are treated with respect.
  • Create a CR hybrid police department that: requires campus police and security officers to adhere to community policing principles; publishes a document that establishes the requirements for the delivery of public safety services; reshapes the Life Safety Committee into a body that will make recommendations related to district policies governing campus safety services; requires campus police and security officers to participate in regular training related to the conduct and methods of community policing, anti-bias, cultural responsibility, and conflict avoidance and de-escalation; provides routine mental health services for campus police and security officers; requires campus police and security officers to demonstrate a commitment to a “guardian” rather than “warrior” policing mindset; and requires campus police and security officers to interact with campus stakeholders in an informal social setting.
Goal 7: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Continue encouraging faculty to look comprehensively at inclusive curriculum and to evaluate courses for diversity and culturally relevant content. 
  • Complete plans for improvements in recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff.
Goal 8: Foundation/Fundraising
  • Continue implementing the Foundation strategic plan that supports the direction of the District.
  • Continue raising funds in support of CR athletics.
Goal 9: Strategic Partnerships
  • Continue collaborating with Cal Poly Humboldt.
  • Continue strengthening CR’s mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with high schools, employers, and community organizations.
  • Continue supporting employee involvement in the community.

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 Keith Flamer, President/Superintendent

 Julie Gilbride, Executive Assistant to the President

 Eureka Campus
Student Services/Administration Building

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