About CR

Vision Statement

College of the Redwoods will create and sustain the conditions that will enable all students to experience an educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative. We will inspire participatory citizenship grounded in critical thinking and an engaged student body. 

Strategic Directions 

Meet the needs of internal and external communities by: 

  • providing lifelong education and training that produces graduates with the skills necessary to sustain individual career success within a global economy 
  • providing employers and communities with the human resources they will require for economic success and community engagement 
  • taking a leadership position to promote effective education and other related public policies 
  • being responsive in a timely fashion to the changing needs of our community by providing targeted programming that improves the skills, knowledge, and economic progress of our workforce 

Make College of the Redwoods the college of choice by: 

  • providing high quality, innovative, and responsive transfer and career education and training programs that lead toward certificates and degrees 
  • entering into alliances with industry, community, and academic partners to enhance the education of our students 
  • promoting the unique features, culture, and character of Redwoods’ campuses 
  • providing an effective, supportive, safe, accessible and affordable learning environment using appropriate technologies 
  • being vigilant for opportunities to improve the delivery and quality of instruction 

Make College of the Redwoods the employer of choice for management, faculty and support staff by: 

  • partnering with faculty, staff and managers to provide relevant professional development 
  • providing an effective, supportive, safe, secure and accessible working environment 
  • nurturing continuous improvement of working relationships through mutual respect at all levels in the college 
  • implementing outreach practices that enhance diversity of recruitment pools 

Value and respect our diversity by: 

  • sustaining an operating environment that capitalizes on the unique contributions of our diverse communities 
  • equipping our students with the skills necessary to respond to the opportunities and challenges associated with ever-changing societal demographics 
  • appreciating the viewpoints, attributes, capabilities and differences of each individual


College of the Redwoods puts student success first by providing accessible and relevant transfer, career and adult education of the highest quality. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity among students, faculty, and staff. We partner with the community to contribute to the economic vitality and lifelong learning needs of our service area. We continually assess student learning and institutional performance which leads directly to the continuous improvement of our curriculum, programs and services.

To achieve its mission, the Redwoods Community College District follows the mission of the California Community College System as determined by the State Legislature./

The District’s mission is reviewed on an annual basis.

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