Certificate & Degree Verification

College of the Redwoods is proud to partner with the National Student Clearinghouse in order to provide students with a simple and straightforward Certificate and Degree verification process.

Utilizing the National Student Clearinghouse's secure online ordering service, students can request a Certificate or Degree verification in addition to verification of their current enrollment and dates of attendance.

Verification Services - National Student Clearinghouse

Helpful Hints

Will your Degree/Certificate be awarded for the current semester?

It is recommended that you request your verification after grades and Degrees/Certificates have been officially awarded and posted to your transcripts.

  • Grades are typically posted about 2-4 weeks after the semester ends.
  • Degrees/Certificates are typically posted about 8 weeks after the semester ends*

*Students who will be sitting for California State Board Exams will have their Degree/Certificate posted to their transcripts about 3 weeks after the semester ends.

Do you need to order a new or additional copy of your Degree/Certificate?