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English as a Second Language

Is English your second language? Do you need extra help with English to be successful in your everyday life, career or academic classes?  Our classes are taught using an English only model, in different levels, and are free to students. Adult Education has partnered with Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) to offer free child care at some of our community sites during ESL classes. Many of the ESL classes offered can lead to a certificate.

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ESL 201

Starts:     8/28/2017    Ends:     12/13/2017    
Monday, Wednesday     From     6:00p    to    8:00p    

EHS Portables    Eureka High School, 1915 J St, Eureka    

ESL 205

Starts:     8/28/2017    Ends:     10/19/2017    
Tuesday, Thursday     From     12:30p    to    2:30p    

Multi-Generational Center, 2280 Newburg Rd, Fortuna  

ESL 207

Starts:     10/24/2017    Ends:     12/13/2017    
Tuesday, Thursday,     From     12:30p    to    2:30p    

Multi-Generational Center, 2280 Newburg Rd, Fortuna    

ESL 211

Starts:     8/28/2017    Ends:     12/13/2017    
Monday, Wednesday     From     5:00p    to    7:00p    

Del Norte DS1    CR Del Norte Campus, 883 W. Washington Blvd, Crescent City

ESL 201

Starts:     8/29/2017    Ends:     12/14/2017    
Tuesday, Thursday,     From     5:30p    to    7:30p    

Smith River Elementary School, 564 W First St, Smith River  

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