Academic Support Center

DSPS Accommodations

At College of the Redwoods, students who have professionally verified disabilities are eligible to receive educational support services such as testing accommodations. Accommodations provided to students with disabilities vary, depending on the student's particular educational limitations as well as by what is available at each individual campus.  DSPS students who have approved testing accommodations are welcome to take their exams in the ASC. 

To receive these accommodations, DSPS students need to have a current test-proctoring card, signed by their instructor(s), on file in the ASC. Typical accommodations we provide are extended time, distraction-reduced testing modules, Kurzweil, and use of a computer or other technologies. 

Students desiring accommodations and/or services should contact Disability Services & Programs for Students (DSPS) for support at 476-4280. 

Testing modules may be booked up to one week in advance either in person or by calling the ASC at 476-4154