Academic Support Center

Job Opportunities for Students in the ASC

The ASC hires students to work in several different types of positions. Whenever possible, students with Federal Work Study are preferred, but positions exist for students without Financial Aid as well. Some positions, such as Peer Tutor and EPIC Team Leaders, have specific requirements including a minimum GPA and references from faculty members.  Click on the job title below to get more information about each position:

  • EPIC Peer Leader
    EPIC Peer Leaders attend all of the classes for the course they are assigned to work with, in addition to holding 1-2 focused study sessions/week outside of class time. They assist the instructor by providing informal feedback and guidance to students during group work and other opportunities; prepare worksheets for each study session; and complete any necessary reading/homework to become knowledgeable about current course material.  
  • Peer Tutor
    Duties of Peer Tutors include tutoring peers in specific disciplines; participating in and completing a two-day tutor training program; keeping files and records of tutoring appointments; and a variety of student assistance similar to that listed under Student Office Assistant (below). Requirements for Peer Tutors include a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA, and 3.0 GPA in content-area discipline, as well as two faculty references.
  • Student Office Assistant
    Help students at the front counter/desk, answer phones. Log students into Trak-Enter, SARS Grid for assessments, tutoring, Testing Center. Book Modules for DSPS accommodations in SARS. Book Modules when open for study groups, individuals, etc. Assist students in the ASC Lab area with online tools, WebAdvisor, Canvas, etc. Print individual placement results from Accuplacer website. Assist students with printing, formatting papers, etc. Assist faculty to test drop offs and pick-ups. Varied tasks and projects as needed. Other duties to support the daily operations of the ASC.

For more information about student job openings in the Academic Support Center, including current pay levels, please contact the Academic Support Center.

Contact the ASC at
(707) 476-4154