Academic Support Center




  • DEPARTMENT: Academic Support Center
  • SUPERVISOR: Tina Vaughan
  • TELEPHONE: 476-4106
  • SALARY: $10.50/hour
  • Federal Work Study? ___Yes ___No (Not necessary, but certainly possible)
  • JOB DESCRIPTION: Under the supervision of a teaching or non-teaching faculty member, permanent classified staff member, or classified manager of the district, student tutors will work with college students in classrooms, labs, academic support facilities, study halls, or other suitable school-related environments.

When working as peer tutors, incumbents will emphasize increasing students’ understanding, confidence, and achievement in specific subject matter areas. They will also encourage students to develop learning strategies, such as time management, organization, study skills, and metacognition, among others. The goals of tutoring include promoting independence in learning, personalizing instruction, and facilitating student insight. Training will be provided in advising topics, communication techniques, tutoring techniques, diversity and multicultural issues, and learning styles.

Duties include:

  • Participating in required training sessions and attending staff meetings
  • Meeting regularly with students in approved academic support facility, either individually or in small groups, to further the goals of the program or department
  • Creating a peer atmosphere and helping students to build confidence in their ability to learn
  • Connecting regularly with faculty in the tutoring discipline and actively trying to recruit tutees
  • Providing personal and small group instruction in a specific subject area.
  • Assisting students with study, learning, and research strategies that contribute to their ability to be successful in the classroom
  • Motivating students to set goals for their academic present and professional future
  • Guiding students with approaches to homework assignments, learning simulations/projects, presentations, and research.
  • Reviewing corrected tests and homework results with students in order to understand and apply problem-solving strategies to similar question types
  • Documenting daily contacts with students and preparing summary reports
  • Accessing college and/or community resources to further ASC goals and support student success
  • Planning and participating in ASC tours and other special department events or projects
  • Analyzing program data
  • Assisting with delivery of program training sessions for new staff and providing ongoing support for them
  • Other duties as assigned that support the overall goal of the position

EDUCATION OR TRAINING REQUIRED: (Specify skills, such as typing, business machines, duplication, math, art, drafting, stenography, filing, data processing, etc.)

  • Concurrent enrollment in or successful completion of “Guidance 10: Intro to Peer Tutoring”


  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA and 3.0 GPA in content-area discipline
  • Two positive academic (faculty) references
  • Enrolled as a College of the Redwoods student, meeting minimum load requirements
  • Enrolled in Guidance 10: Intro to Peer Tutoring and demonstrating successful progress
  • Interest in or experience with students who are experiencing academic difficulties
  • Good leadership potential
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability and desire to be a positive role model
  • Ability to meet with students for scheduled tutoring appointments
  • Ability to demonstrate sensitivity in interactions with adiverse student population
  • Ability to abide by the practice of confidentiality of student information per the Family Rights to Privacy Act
  • Reliable


Monday8:00 am-8:00 pm (Hours vary)
Tuesday 8:00 am-8:00 pm (Hours vary)
Wednesday 8:00 am-8:00 pm (Hours vary)
Thursday 8:00 am-8:00 pm (Hours vary)
Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm (Hours vary)
Saturday CLOSED

Note: Please keep in mind when requesting students that the MAXIMUM number of hours for which each Federal Work Study student is funded will be APPROXIMATELY 15 HOURS PER WEEK.

Contact the ASC at
(707) 476-4106