Academic Support Center

Placement Testing

Placement Testing Process

1. Schedule a Test

  • Schedule placement testing in advance by calling the Academic Support Center (707-476-4106) or emailing
  • If you are interested in coming to College of the Redwoods, but you are unable to make it to campus for the Math and/or English/ESL Placement Test, please visit Testing At A Distance to get started!

2. Review

  • Review before taking the English and/or Mathematics Placement Test in order to ensure placement results that match your abilities. That way, you won't end up repeating material you already know.
  • For resources to help you review, call the Academic Support Center (ASC) or see "Review for the Placement Test"

3. At the Time of the Test

  • Bring a current photo ID
  • It is helpful if you either know your student ID number or have it written down. Cell phones are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Call the ASC in advance (707-476-4154) to make arrangements.

4. After the Test

Multiple Measures

You and your counselor will discuss other indicators, or “multiple measures,”  together with the test results, to determine your placement.  Multiple Measures may include:

  • High School Transcripts
  • Your previous success and/or completion of college level coursework
  • Highest level of English and/or math you have completed
  • Past study habits and academic strengths
  • Obligations that can impact your course work
  • Motivation to achieve your educational goal(s)