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Associated Students of CR

Chosen by students to represent students.


ASCR Officers

Kaleb Crans

Joshua Mata

Rami Awwad

Florentina Jones

Ian Meriedth

President Executive Vice President Vice President of Records Student Trustee Del Norte Campus Organizational Senator
  Kaleb Crans is proud to be serving the students of College of the Redwoods as the President of ASCR for the 2018-2019 academic year. Kaleb Crans is a senior at Academy of the Redwoods.  He is interested in math, computer science, and philosophy. In his free time, Kaleb enjoys reading old books, hiking and camping, and staying up-to-date on world politics. If you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas about ASCR or anything you are more than welcome to come stop on by the ASCR office and talk with him.   Joshua is a third year student here at College of the Redwoods. He is pleased to be serving as your Executive Vice President for the 2018-2019 term. Joshua is planning on transferring sometime in the next year to study Applied Mathematics. Besides math, another passion Joshua has is music. If you ever want to jam, discuss politics, bio, or mathematics, come to ASCR! He'd be glad to meet you.  Rami is a senior in high school attending Academy of the Redwoods. In his academic life, he has a passion for math and science. Outside of school, he is almost always competing on a soccer field. Without a doubt, he knows that Cristiano Ronaldo is far superior to Lionel Messi.  

 Now I am in my fourth semester at College of the Redwoods, am an honor student, Student Trustee, on the College Council, Enrollment Management Committee, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Multicultural and Diversity Committee and Student Equity Planning Committee.  Finally, and most excitedly I will be a first- time mother. If you see me on campus I will probably be wearing my baby, a back pack, and have at least a few bags. Please stop me to say hello or voice concerns. Remember to always be loud because you and your voice matters!

I am a Political Science major and hold the position of Organizational Senator on the Del Norte campus.   I've been at CR for 3 1/2 years now and I've been with ASCR 1 ½ years including this semester. I plan on going into some area of U.S. customs as my career.

Vincent Messina

Serenity Wood


Tanner Hooven 

Maria Alvarenga




Vice President of Finance Executive Organizational Senator Senator Del Norte Senator Senator
Vincent is a senior at Academy of the Redwoods and is finishing up his time at College of the Redwoods with a transfer degree this academic year. He plans on transferring to major in Aerospace Engineering. His passions in life include mathematics, science, business, and music. Outside of school, his hobbies include learning new things, making new things, cooking, and listening to/making/playing music with a plethora of instruments (recently particularly enjoying guitar!). You can come to him to discuss any ideas for ASCR, or even to chat about mutual interests.
  Serenity is a second year student at CR, planning on double majoring in Art and English. She would love to hear your ideas and concerns about your experience here at CR, or just chat with you about anything, especially if it's book or art related! Tanner is both a Senator for ASCR and a first-year student at College of the Redwoods. He is planning on majoring in Anthropology and Photography. Outside of school he is often studying, hiking through nature, or taking pictures. Come by the ASCR room during office hours to discuss any concerns or issues you have, or just stop by to talk about the outdoors or photography!     My plan is to receive my AA from College of the Redwoods and transfer to UC Davsic for Law, to become a attorney, then judge and work my way up judicial system to become the president of United States to make the world a better place for my daughter and all future generations to come!  
Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator






Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator

Student Clubs 

Eureka Campus

 Club Title President & Faculty Advisor     Meeting Days/Times/Location Constitution Charter Date 
Agricultural Club      Constitution  Rechartered   10/12/18
Black Student Union  Makayla Sandifer (President)
Shemya Vaughn (Advisor)
  Constitution  Rechartered     10/12/18
Chess Club      Constitution  Chartered         2/24/17
Digital Arts and Media Club Tim DalPorte (President)
Montel VanDerHorck (Advisor)
   Constitution  Rechartered     9/28/18
Forestry and Natural Resources Club       Constitution  Chartered     10/13/17
Queer Student Union      Constitution  Rechartered   10/13/17
Solid Rock Bible Club Ruth Gross (President)
Bert Hafer (Advisor)
   Constitution  Rechartered     9/28/18
STEM Club      Constitution  Chartered     10/14/16
Club TRiO Athena McCartney (President)
Jennifer Knight (Advisor)

  Constitution  INACTIVE

Del Norte Campus

Health and Fitness     Constitution  Chartered       1/27/17


Student Clubs & Organizations that are not listed on this site are NOT Officially Recognized nor Associated with College of the Redwoods.   (Note that not all clubs have accounts pursuant to the Organizational Code). For more information on club formation, policies and procedures, please read the ASCR Senate Club Guide.  

All student clubs and organizations will need to renew their club charters at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester

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