Associated Students of CR (ASCR)

Office: Name: Contact Info : Responsibilities:


Zachary Awe

 The ASCR President is responsible for representing and leading the ASCR Senate. The President is generally responsible for "big picture" matters, but is also able to work out details.

Executive Vice President

Joshua Mata  The ASCR Executive Vice President is responsible for maintaining participatory governance committee representatives and assuming the duties of the President in his/her absence.
Vice President of Finance Ellie Gainey


 The ASCR Vice President of Finance is responsible for overseeing all budgetary items. He/She works with the President to ensure fiscal matters are in order.
Vice President of Records Rami Awwad


 The ASCR Vice President of Records is responsible for maintaining organizational records and taking minutes. He/She communicates with the President in order to make sure documents are preserved and accurate.
Student Trustee Vacant


 The Student Trustee is the chief liaison between the Board of Trustees and the ASCR Senate. He/She is responsible for making sure that the concerns of the students and ASCR Senate are advocated for at the district level.
Executive Organizational Senator Sally Endsley


 The ASCR Organizational Senator is responsible for coordinating with clubs and ASCR organizations. He/She serves as a liaison between student organizations and the ASCR Senate.

Eureka Senator

Vacant    The ASCR Campus Senators are responsible for representing the students of their respective campuses to the ASCR Senate as well as coordinating campus events with other members of the ASCR Senate.
Eureka Senator Vacant  
Del Norte Senator    
Del Norte Senator    
Del Norte Senator Roger Jaramillo


Interim Senator Vacant     The ASCR Interim Senators are essentially interns that are recommended to fulfill the duties of the ASCR Campus Senators. The ASCR Interim Senators have the opportunity to later be appointed to the ASCR Senate to fill open positions.
Interim Senator Vacant   
Advisor Gary Sokolow
(707) 476-4540
The ASCR Advisor serves as a guide for the ASCR Senate and ensures that the ASCR Senate does not violate any laws.