Associated Students of CR (ASCR)

What is ASCR?

ASCR is a group of elected students that form the associated student body. We work to coordinate events and campus clubs, and act as the liaison between students and administration on a local and state level. Chosen by students to represent students.

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Recent Activity

This section is reserved for recent activity in the ASCR Senate. Feel free to see what we've been up to in the past two months!

  • 4/26: The results to the ASCR Elections are now available under "Elections"!
  • 4/15: We've finally posted a link to our Google Drive under "Forms and Resources"!
  • 4/14: There were a few mistakes in the original ballot, but here's the corrected version!
  • 4/14: The $2 Student Representation Fee will be appearing on the ASCR Ballot! Get ready to vote!
  • 4/11: On Tuesday at 1:00 PM, the Board of Trustees will be voting to put a new student representation fee on the ASCR Ballot, for information about this, check out the "2SRF" under our resources page!
  • 4/7: Today is the final day for you to submit Election Petition Forms! Make sure to get those in by midnight!
  • 4/5: The ASCR held a candidate forum in the Boardroom, thank you to all the candidates that joined us! 
  • 3/31: The Elections dates have been moved back to April 17th, 18th, and 19th. Check your email for details!
  • 3/30: The Elections Committee will be meeting on Thursday in the Mendocino Hall to determine revising the Elections dates!
  • 3/28: The ASCR is holding elections next month! Check out the "Elections" page for more information!
  • 3/24: We just approved a newly revised set of Bylaws! Check out our "Governing Documents" to look at the new version.