Associated Students of CR

Associated Students of CR

Chosen by students to represent students.


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ASCR is the student government for CR, representing all CR students to the administration of CR as well as the CCC Chancellor's office.  Feel free to contact any of your student representatives (as listed on this webpage) with any concerns, at any time.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all ASCR meetings will be held via  teleconferencing.  Log in information will be provided on this site and on posted agendas.

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The next ASCR Senate meeting will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2020 @ 1 PM via Teleconference
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There are several vacancies on the ASCR Senate.  If you are interested, please contact Prof. Gary Sokolow, ASCR advisor at either or  If you are interested in applying for one of the vacant offices, please complete the application form and E-mail it to me at one of the above addresses.

ASCR Senate

(Roster last updated: 11/16/20)








Executive Vice President

Vice President of Records

Student Trustee

Del Norte Campus Organizational Senator

Andrew Hamer

Katelynn Bourne

Logan Sayles  Christine Peters 

I am a returning student to College of the Redwoods. I am working on completing my undergraduate requirements to move on to a masters program in psychology. This is my first time in Associated Students. I am excited about ASCR's potential as a student union to make a positive impacts at CR and the surrounding communities. I am a local, and long time community organizer, so once I was voted in I hit the ground running. In my first month I worked with my fellow students in ASCR to put on the growing freedom speakers series, 4 events that each talked about how to embrace our latent potential to grow more free. Looking forward to doing more in the coming semester.

    Howdy! I am Katelyn Bourne and I am a political science student here at CR. I am a returning student after a 5-year break, and I am loving every second of going to school. My goal is to one day go to law school and become a politician; I see ASCR as a chance to start helping people now who may not want to be a public figure but want to have their voice heard. Please don’t hesitate to email my ASCR email if you need something; I will work hard to make sure issues are resolved swiftly and  that your voice will be heard in the Senate.

  Istarted attending CR my senior year of high school, and while I have put some thought into degrees, transferring and future career paths, my greatest challenge over the next couple years will probably be n arrowing down my wide field of academic and personal interests. That being said, politics and political science are some of the most significant current interests of mine and as an ASCR senator I have had the gratifying opportunity to support the students of CR through debate and legislation with my fellow senators and officers.



Vice President of Finance

Executive Organizational Senator

Del Norte Campus Senator

Del Norte Campus Senator


Del Norte Campus Senator

Jennifer Machin  Vacant  Andrea Gerarden  Vacant Ashton Hart
Hello, my name is Jennifer Machin and I'm a returning adult student here at College of the Redwoods. As a mom with a full-time job, I know what it's like to be overwhelmed by classes and life but still determined to make it work. I'm in my second year at CR, working toward a major in Psychology with a focus on Forensic and Social Psychology and transferring out to a four-year college and eventually a Master's degree. I joined the ASCR as a Senator in Del Norte to help represent the students of CR and be a voice for those who are coming right from high schools, like my son, and those who are working adults coming back as older students like myself. I love being a part of the Student Senate and hope to help our community of students in as many ways as possible. If there's any way you feel I can support you, please don't hesitate to email me.


Hello everyone, my name is Andrea Gerarden. I am very excited about this next year moving from 2020 to 2021. This will be my second term with ASCR. I have an A.A. in Humanities and Communications and am currently working toward my A.S. in the LVN Program while I also attend HSU for a dual major in International Studies/BSN. I am a California EMT about to take my National Test. I love being a Senate member and representing the voice of my fellow students. I also am running for Student Trustee. I I hope to help the student community and learn as much as possible in preparation to serve in the senate at HSU.


 Hello I am Ashton Hart and I have been doing classes at CR since my junior year of high school but not doing a full class load until about 2 years ago. Right now I am working on a sociology degree but I am thinking about changing to a business degree next semester for social media marketing. CR classes have shown me I have more interests than I imagined I had. I live in the Del Norte area and as such I will be trying to help the CR campus in Del Norte as well as all the other campuses. I've been part of mentoring and peer tutoring from Junior High on and so ASCR felt like a great fit. I'm here to help all my fellow students and if there's anything I can do for you at all, just let me know. 

Eureka Campus Senator

Eureka Campus Senator

Eureka Campus Senator




Emma Bruhnke 

Jack Hill 





    My name is Emma Bruhnke and I am currently in my last year as a student at College of the Redwoods pursuing an Associates Degree for Transfer in Business Administration. I also serve the Associated Students of CR as a Eureka Campus Senator. I first started attending CR as a high school student with Academy of the Redwoods and have been here ever since! I am grateful for the connections I have made with many of my peers over the years at this school; some of them mothers like myself who want to provide our families with a better future. That is why serving our many CR locations alongside the senate is an honor, and one that we all take seriously. Please contact myself and the rest of the ASCR if you have any questions, comments or ideas you would like to share. We are here to serve our students with an open mind, and we are committed to giving every student a voice!

  Hey everyone, my name is Jack Hill and I'm one of the two Eureka Campus Senators in the ASCR Senate. I'm a first time college student majoring in Political Science and I plan on transferring to a four year institution after two years here at CR. I joined ASCR in order to help ensure a quality college experience for all CR students so if you have any suggestions that would help me towards achieving this objective let me know! 



















Student Clubs (Club Guide) 

Club Charter/Re-Charter Form

Eureka Campus (3/3/20)
Club Title President & FacultyAdvisor Meeting Days/Times/Location Constitution Charter Date
Agricultural Club Sean Todd (President)
Franz Rulofson (Advisor)
  Agricultural ClubConstitution Re-chartered10/12/18
Asian-Pacific Islander Club Caylin Ricl (President)
Emily Chang (Advisor)
  Asian-Pacific Islander Club Constitution Chartered 10/12/18
Black Student Union Makayla Sandifer (President)
Shemya Vaughn (Advisor)
  Black Student UnionConstitution Re-chartered 10/12/18
Digital Arts and Media Club Skylar Hunsinger (President)
Montel VanDerHorck (Advisor)
  Digital Arts and Media Club Constitution Rechartered 9/28/18
Entrepreneur Club (TEC) Vacant (President)
Chris Gaines (Advisor)
  Entrepreneur Club (TEC) Constitution Chartered 10/12/18
Latinx Club Berenice Roman-Macada (President)
Alia Dunphy (Advisor)
  Latinx Club Constitution Chartered 10/12/18
Queer Student Union Cal Lierheimer (President)
Michelle Haggerty (Advisor)
  Queer Student Union Constitution Rechartered 9/28/18
Seven Gill Shark Review Asia Anderson (President)
Dave Holper (Advisor)
  Seven Gill Shark Review Constitution Re-Chartered11/30/18
Sociology Club Reno Garcia (President)
Dana Maher (Advisor)
  Sociology Club Constitution Re-Chartered 3/30/19
CR Honors Club Sarah Endsley (President)
Tony Luehrs (Advisor)
  CR Honors Club Constitution Chartered 3/30/19
Solid Rock Bible Club Ruth Gross (President)
Bert Hafer (Advisor)
  Solid Rock Bible Club Constitution Rechartered 9/28/18
Student Housing Advocate
Elizabeth McEntire (President)
Chris Gaines (Advisor)
  Student Housing Advocate
Alliance Constitution
Chartered 10/12/18
Club TRiO Athena McCartney (President)
Jennifer Knight (Advisor)
  Club TRiO Constitution Re-Chartered 11/9/18

Del Norte Campus



Student Clubs & Organizations that are not listed on this site areNOTOfficially Recognized nor Associated with College of the Redwoods. (Note that not all clubs have accounts pursuant to the Organizational Code). For more information on club formation, policies and procedures, please read theASCR Senate Club Guide.

All student clubs and organizations will need to renew their club charters at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.

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