Associated Students of CR Associated Students of CR

Associated Students of CR

Chosen by students to represent students.


Unofficial ASCR election results 

The following candidates have been elected for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Andy LaBonte - Vice-President of Records
Christine Peters - Student Member of CR Board of Trustees
Maria Alvarenga - Del Norte Campus Senator
Katlin Turner - Del Norte Campus Senator

There are a number of vacancies on the ASCR Senate.  For more information, contact either Andy LaBonte, VP of Records, or Gary Sokolow, ASCR Advisor.  A copy of of the one-page application form may be found here.  

About Us

ASCR is the student government for CR, representing all CR students to the administration of CR as well as the CCC Chancellor's office.  Feel free to contact any of your student representatives (as listed on this webpage) with any concerns, at any time.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact:

During the summer months, the Student Senate will be meeting as needed.   Senate meetings will be held at the ASCR office at the Del Norte campus.  Teleconferencing information will be provided on the agendas as posted.  

Office Hours

Andy LaBonte - Vice-President of Records


ASCR Events

ASCR Officers



Andy LaBonte


President Executive Vice President Vice President of Records Student Trustee Del Norte Campus Organizational Senator
 Andy is a second-year student at College of the Redwoods and a Eureka native. They plan on obtaining an AA in Political Science and Sociology and transferring to UC Santa Cruz. They aspire to be a lifelong political activist and legal advocate for human rights. As an ASCR Senator, their primary goal is to make higher education accessible to all and improve student experiences at CR. As a queer and nonbinary student, Andy hopes to foster a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all students.  





Maria Alvarenga


Katlin Turner 


Vice President of Finance Executive Organizational Senator Senator Del Norte Senator Del Norte Senator
    My plan is to receive my AA from College of the Redwoods and transfer to UC Davsic for Law, to become a attorney, then judge and work my way up judicial system to become the president of United States to make the world a better place for my daughter and all future generations to come! I want to get my AA in science from the College of the Redwoods and then I will be transferring to a university. From there I would like to major in a science such as biology or chemistry and minor in math!  After that,  I want to attend medical school and become a doctor. This is my second year of college so far and I’m proud to be serving the students of College of the Redwoods as student senate!


Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator







Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator

Student Clubs (Club Guide)

Eureka Campus (4/3/19)
 Club Title President & Faculty Advisor     Meeting Days/Times/Location Constitution Charter Date 
Agricultural Club   Sean Todd (President)
Franz Rulofson (Advisor)
  Constitution  Re-chartered 10/12/18
Asian-Pacific Islander Club Caylin Ricl (President)
Emily Chang (Advisor)
  Constitution   Chartered 10/12/18
 Black Student Union  Makayla Sandifer (President)
Shemya Vaughn (Advisor)
  Constitution    Re-chartered 10/12/18
 Digital Arts and Media Club Skylar Hunsinger (President)
Montel VanDerHorck (Advisor)
  Constitution    Rechartered     9/28/18
 Entrepreneur Club (TEC)  Vacant   (President)
Chris Gaines (Advisor)
    Constitution   Chartered     10/12/18
Latinx Club Berenice Roman-Macada (President)
Alia Dunphy (Advisor)
  Constitution     Chartered  10/12/18
 Queer Student Union Cal Lierheimer (President)
Michelle Haggerty (Advisor)
  Constitution  Rechartered   9/28/18
 Seven Gill Shark Review Asia Anderson (President)
Dave Holper (Advisor)
  Constitution   Re-Chartered  11/30/18
Sociology Club
Reno Garcia (President)
Dana Maher (Advisor)
  Constitution  Re-Chartered  3/30/19
CR Honors Club
Sarah Endsley (President)
Tony Luehrs (Advisor)
  Constitution   Chartered  3/30/19
Solid Rock Bible Club Ruth Gross (President)
Bert Hafer (Advisor)
   Constitution  Rechartered     9/28/18
Student Housing Advocate
Elizabeth McEntire (President)
Chris Gaines (Advisor)
  Constitution  Chartered  10/12/18
Club TRiO Athena McCartney (President)
Jennifer Knight (Advisor)
  Constitution  Re-Chartered  11/9/18

Del Norte Campus



Student Clubs & Organizations that are not listed on this site are NOT Officially Recognized nor Associated with College of the Redwoods.   (Note that not all clubs have accounts pursuant to the Organizational Code). For more information on club formation, policies and procedures, please read the ASCR Senate Club Guide.  

All student clubs and organizations will need to renew their club charters at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester

ASCR Documents

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    ASCR Advisor

     Gary Sokolow



     Student Lounge, Mendocino Residence Hall