Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees
2016-17 Goals and Objectives

  1. Accreditation
    Support, through our policy role, all accreditation efforts as well as adherence to all ACCJC standards and Commission policies.
    1. At Board meetings, receive regular accreditation update reports, including progress on SLOs, fund balance reserves, program reviews, evaluation process and follow-up reports.
    2. Support the administration’s work to ensure the District is prepared for the team visit.
  2. Fiscal Stability
    Ensure the fiscal health of the District by making decisions that lead to long-term sustainability.
    1. Review and discuss monthly financial reports to the Board in order to monitor the financial performance of the District.
    2. Review and discuss enrollment trends and progress toward enrolment growth.
    3. When deemed necessary by the Board, review financial information in more detail than regular monthly reports.
    4. Review and discuss the District audit, schedule, and timing.
    5. Receive semi-annual reports of delinquent accounts receivable.
  3. Relationship with President/Superintendent
    Within the Board policy and procedure framework, empower the President/ Superintendent to manage day-to-day operations of the District.
    1. Through quarterly evaluations, hold the President/Superintendent accountable for implementation of policy and fulfillment of the District mission.
    2. Through the policy role, review reports and data that help guide the District to achieve the mission of student success and sustainable enrollment growth.
    3. Include in monthly Board agendas, a list of trustee questions and future agenda items requested, as well as a planned date of completion.
    4. Support the administration’s efforts to implement strategies that promote diversity and inclusion in hiring.
  4. Student Success and Equity
    1. The Board will regularly review and discuss data relevant to student success and equity.
  5. Future of CR
    Engage in reviewing educational trends and planning for the future of CR.
    1. Collaborate with faculty, staff, and administration to develop a long term vision for College of the Redwoods.
  6. Board Development
    Continually strive to learn more about community colleges and the role of trustees.
    1. Develop AP to implement BP 2740 – Board Education.
    2. Schedule and participate in a Workshop focused on Board Development.
  7. Foundation
    1. Continually review the relationship of the Board and the Foundation.
    2. Encourage and support the Foundation in achieving its goals.