Board of Trustees

Chapter 7. Human Resources

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Number Title
BP 7100 Commitment to Diversity

AP 7100 Commitment to Diversity
BP 7110 Delegation of Authority

AP 7110 Delegation of Authority
BP 7120
Recruitment and Hiring
   AP 7120-1
 Recruitment & Hiring - Classified and Confidential
   AP 7120-2
 Recruitment & Hiring - Management and Administrators
   AP 7120-3
 Recruitment & Hiring - Full Time Faculty
   AP 7120-4
Recruitment & Hiring - Associate Faculty
   AP 7120-5
Employment of Temporary Employees
   AP 7120-6
Student Employees
   AP 7120-7
Internal Transfer Opportunity
   AP 7120-8
 Interim Appointment to Vacant Management Positions

AP 7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment

AP 7126 Applicant Background Checks
BP 7130 Salary
   AP 7130
BP 7140 Collective Bargaining
   AP 7145
Personnel Files
   AP 7150
BP 7160 Professional Development

AP 7160 Professional Development
BP 7210 Academic Employees

AP 7211 Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications, and Equivalencies
   AP 7212
 Temporary Faculty

AP 7217 Faculty Prioritization Process

AP 7217.A Rubric For Prioritizing Full-Time Faculty Positions
BP 7219 Faculty Titles
 BP 7230  Classified Employees
 BP 7240
Confidential Employees
 BP 7250
Academic Administrators
BP 7260 Classified Administrator (Vice President, Director, Manager)
BP 7262 Management Performance Evaluation

AP 7262 Management Performance Evaluation Report
 BP 7310

AP 7310 Nepotism
BP 7330 Communicable Disease
  AP 7330
Communicable Diseases
BP 7340 Leaves

AP 7340 Leaves
BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program

AP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program
BP 7350 Resignation of Employees
BP 7351 Grievance Procedure
 BP 7360
 Discipline and Dismissal
BP 7365 Disciplinary Action for Permanent Classified Employees
   AP 7365
 Disciplinary Action For Permanent Classified Employees
BP 7366 Return to Work Program
   AP 7366
 Return to Work Program
BP 7370 Political Activity
  AP 7370
Political Activity
   AP 7371
Personal Use of Public Resources
BP 7381 Staff Insurance Program

AP 7381 Health and Welfare Benefits
BP 7384 Emeritus Title

AP 7384 Process for Determining Emeritus Status
BP 7386 Tax Sheltered Annuity Program
BP 7387 Pre-Retirement Reduction of Workload
   AP 7387-P
Pre-Retirement Reduction of Workload for PERS Members
   AP 7387-S
Pre-Retirement Reduction of Workload for STRS Members
BP 7400 Travel

AP 7400 Travel
BP 7510 Domestic Partners
BP 7600 Campus Public Safety Officers
  AP 7600
College Security
BP 7700 Whistleblower Protection

AP 7700 Whistleblower Protection