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Monday – Thursday
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Phone: (707)476-4126

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VP Administrative Services Goals


  1. Continue working with Cabinet and the Budget Advisory Committee to ensure the District’s Budget considers the SCFF metrics and the increases as specified by the Vision for Success Goals.
  2. Provide regular reports to the District on the strategies employed by the District to address the SCFF metrics and the Vision for Success increases.
  3. Provide updates to the District on how the District will address the claims and reimbursement process related to capital projects.
  4. Increase District-wide awareness of and engagement in Worker’s Compensation and Property/Liability risk management.
    • Review and refine the scope of the Life Safety Committee meeting.
  5. Continue to meet or exceed applicable ACCJC accreditation standards, especially as they relate to Recommendations 7 and 8.
    • Recommendation 7:In order to meet the standards, the team recommends that the college adopt budgets that match ongoing revenues and expenditures in the unrestricted general fund without the need to make significant draws on one-time resources or transfers from other funds.
    • Recommendation 8: In order to improve, the team recommends that the college maintain adequate controls at all times to ensure financial integrity and provide dependable and timely information for sound decision-making. This includes closing their books in a timely manner and submitting their audit reports in a timely manner.

It is the policy of College of the Redwoods not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, or sexual orientation in its educational programs and its employment practices. Read Full Policy Here

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