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Priority Registration

 What is Priority Registration and do you have it?

Priority Registration is the best way to get the classes you need and not end up on the wait list. This helps you get the classes you need to achieve your goals.

Each student at CR is assigned a registration date.

Your registration date is based on whether you have Priority Registration.

If you have Priority Registration – you register earlier than the rest of the CR student body.

How do you receive Priority Registration?

To receive Priority Registration you must complete the following:

  1. New student orientation (online)
  2. Develop a Student Education Plan (SEP)

In addition to completing the services above, to qualify for Priority Registration, you must also:

  • Have an eligible educational goal
  • Be in good academic and/or progress standing
  • Have not earned more than 100 degree-applicable units
  • Have not earned an Associate’s Degree or higher

For more information, contact Counseling and Advising at counseling or (707)476-4150

Important Dates

March 8          Deadline to complete orientation and develop an SEP for Priority Registration

March 15       Students notified of Priority Registration status and possibility of appeal

March 18        Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025 schedules viewable on WebAdvisor

March 22        Deadline for students to appeal Priority Registration status

April 1-5          Priority Registration for EOPS, DSPS, Veterans, Foster youth, single parents, and CalWORKs students

April 8             Priority Registration for TRIO students

April 9-12        Priority Registration for all other continuing students

April 15 – 19   Priority Registration for all other new students and students returning after an absence


April 30*         Registration open to concurrent enrollment (high school students)


*Pursuant to AB 705, College of the Redwoods maximizes the opportunity for all students to be able to progress through transfer level English and mathematics courses within one year. There are various ways to determine which English and mathematics courses are most appropriate for a student’s preparedness and goals. These various ways are called Multiple Measures. Multiple Measures can include, but are not limited to, things such as guided placement, high school records, self-report, and self-placement. To speak with someone about which English and mathematics courses are best for your preparedness and goals, contact the Academic Support Center or Counseling and Advising services at the campus you plan to attend.

Academic Probation and Dismissal

Contact Information

FAX 707-476-4416
TTY 707-476-4441

Appointments: 707-476-4150

Questions: 707-476-4135

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