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Transferring from CR to Another College

Planning to transfer to a four-year college after CR? 

Transfer is a process, not an event! The earlier you begin the process, the more likely the experience will be hassle-free and successful.

You can start completing requirements right now while you are at College of the Redwoods. Meeting with Counseling and Advising to make an Education Plan will help make sure that the courses you are taking fufill requirements at the school you plan to attend.

Services available:

  • Academic Advising
  • Resource Library
  • College Transfer Day
  • Transfer Admissions Agreements
  • Four-year University Representative Visits

Just Starting at CR:

  • Connect your interests to career possibilities
  • Identify a few possible major areas that lead to your career goals
  • Think of where you might want to go after CR to study those majors
  • Meet with an Advisor/Counselor to create your abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEP)

Working on my units at CR:

Planning for after CR: 

  • Apply to your target universities
  •  Graduate to Transfer: Meet with an advisor and turn in your graduation petition BEFORE these deadlines:
    • FALL SEMESTER – Last Thursday in October
    • SPRING SEMESTER – First Thursday in March
    • SUMMER SESSION – Last Thursday in June
    • Petitions can be found here under Graduation Forms.
  • Send your official CR transcript to your target universities
 Did You Know 

The UC system may offer free tuition for students whose families earn less than $80k annually? Learn about the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan.


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