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Atkins, Amber
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Iaqua Logging and Construction
We are a small family owned and operated logging business. We are engaged in sustainably harvesting trees from small privately held lands, including our own ranch. We generally have a crew of 4-5 employees and engage outside contractors to fall timber and haul logs. We place a high value on quality of job performance and personal integrity. We have a strong work ethic and work as a team.
Job Description: Landing Man. This individual will be required to work on the landing and the skills required are:
• Must be in good health and able to work outdoors every day. Must be able to work as part of a team.
• Maturity and good judgment are important in making quick, intelligent decisions when hazards arise.
• Must be able to use a chain saw proficiently to limb and buck trees, cutting logs to specific lengths to be loaded onto a truck
• Requires strength and stamina, must be able to lift and carry a chain saw that weighs 35-40 pounds most of the day.
• Move with ease in rough terrain and over logs on the landing. This job requires Involves lifting, climbing, and other strenuous activities.
• Be safe and attentive at all times, employing hand-eye coordination and multitasking skills such as operating a chain saw while staying out of the way of heavy equipment that is also being operated on the landing.
• Wear personal protective equipment that is suitable to the environment and tasks being carried out.
Employee must provide own transportation to and from job site, which is often over and hour from town. Must be able to arrive at daylight and work a full 10 hours.
Compensation: Starting salary $18/hour
Job Start: Mid May 2019 to June 1st will run through summer season
If interested please contact Mark Moore at (707) 496-0172
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