College of the Redwoods Faculty Organization

Constitution & Bylaws

A.  The name of this organization shall be the College of the Redwoods Faculty Organization (henceforth CRFO). 
B.  The specific and primary purpose of this organization  is to operate a labor organization within the meaning of Section 23701a of the California Revenue and Taxation Code.  CRFO does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to its members and is organized for non-profit purposes. 
C.  This organization is the exclusive representative of the employees in the representation unit, which is composed of all faculty, associate faculty, and interns, CRFO will responsibly and equitably implement the provisions of all appropriate state and federal codes.
D.  Not withstanding any of the above statements of purpose and powers, this organization shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the specific purposes of the organization. 

A.        ELIGIBILITY:            Teaching and non-teaching faculty, and associate faculty employed by the Redwoods Community College District are eligible for CRFO membership.
B.        ANNUAL DUES:       Dues will be set annually by the membership with the advice of the executive committee before the end of the spring session. Dues may be modified after 30- days notice by majority vote of ballots received from members.
C.        MEMBERSHIP YEAR:         The membership year shall run from July 1 to June 30.
D.        ESTABLISHMENT OF MEMBERSHIP:     Membership is established by payment of dues. Dues may be paid by monthly payroll deduction or by personal check.
E.         GOOD STANDING: Current District employment and dues paid from July 1, or month of employment, to month of vote shall qualify a member in good standing. All references to members in this document shall mean members in good standing.

A.        GENERAL:    A general meeting (open to all CRFO members) shall be held at least once each semester. The Executive Committee shall provide timely and adequate notice of meeting location, date, and time.
B.        SPECIAL:       A special meeting (open to all CRFO members) may be called by majority vote of the Executive Committee or by written petition to the Executive Committee signed by one-third of the membership.
C.        RIGHT TO VOTE:
(a)        All members are eligible to vote on matters and issues properly before them.
(b)       Matters and issues deemed critical to the CRFO mission (by majority vote of the Executive Committee) shall be resolved with 30-days notice by majority vote of ballots received from members.
(c)        Any agreement (contract) negotiated between the CRFO negotiating team and the District must be approved with 30-day notice by majority vote of ballots received from members.
(d)       QUORUM: A general or special meeting quorum consists of no fewer than twenty (20) members.

A.        COMPOSITION:        In addition to the officers, The Executive Committee shall consist of  TWO elected representative from each of the following divisions: 1) Career and Technical Education; 2) Health, Physical Education and Athletics; 3) Math, Science, and Social Sciences; 4) Humanities; and ONE representative from 5) Del Norte; 6) Mendocino; 7) Instruction and Student Development; and TWO associate faculty members. Election is by majority vote of members of the represented group. The time, place, and manner of holding the elections for representatives shall be determined by each division.

B.        DUTIES:         Subject to membership direction, the Executive Committee shall schedule meetings to conduct CRFO business and advise the president; annually appoint a Chief Negotiator, a Grievance Officer, a Treasurer, a Union Publications Editor; and propose a budget for approval of the membership; award stipends; distribute the release-time TLUs provided by or purchased from the District; and consider any business appropriately placed before it.
C.        VACANCY:   When a vacancy occurs, the appropriate represented group shall, within thirty (30) calendar days following a vacancy, elect a new representative to serve the unexpired term. Election is by majority vote of members of the affected group.
D.        QUORUM: 50% plus one of the Executive Committee members will constitute a quorum.
E.         TIME OF ELECTION:  Elections shall take place in each represented group to fill a normally expired term no later than April 15 of the year prior to the beginning of the term.
F.         ELIGIBILITY:  Any member is eligible for election to the Executive Committee.
G.        TERM: The elected term is two years, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. No member may exceed three consecutive terms on the Executive Committee.
H.        VOTE:  In the event of a tie vote, the president shall cast the deciding vote.

A.        OFFICES:       President, vice-president, and past-president.
B.        DUTIES:
(a)        President:        Presides over Executive Committee, general, and special meetings; serves as alternate chief negotiator, represents CRFO at appropriate campus and off-campus events including standing District committees; appoints CRFO members to standing and ad-hoc District committees and to Union committees; shares in the on-going management of union business with the Vice-president and the Past-President and assures that all appropriate activities of the union organization are tended to.
(b)       Vice-President:           When necessary. assumes President’s duties (due to president’s illness/absence/incapacity, etc.); acts as liaison with legal counsel; carries out special duties assigned by the President or the Executive Committee, shares the on-going management of union business with the President and the Past President, and assures that necessary business of the union is successfully conducted.
(c)        Past-President:                        Serves as alternate grievance officer; contributing editor (Union publications); represents CRFO at appropriate campus and off-campus events including standing District committees, shares in the on-going management of union business with the Vice-President and the President.
C.        TERMS:          The Vice-President, President, and Past-President shall each serve one (1) one-year term in each office, starting with election as Vice-President. Each year, the out-going Vice-President shall automatically become President, and the out-going President shall automatically become Past-President.
D. NOMINATION AND ELECTION:          Candidates must be members. The executive committee will develop a slate of candidates for presentation at a spring general meeting. The membership may nominate candidates at a spring meeting. The Vice-President shall be elected no later than May 15 each year by a majority of ballots cast by members in an open election. Election is for an implied three-year term, progressing successively and automatically to President and Past-President.
E. REMOVAL:           Removal from office before expiration of term is by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee following thirty-day timely and adequate notice as to location, date, and time provided by the Executive Committee.
F. VACANCY:           A vacancy effecting the next year will be replaced during normal election of Vice President. Other vacancies will be filled within 30 academic days. The executive committee will develop a slate of candidates for presentation to the membership at a general meeting at which the membership may nominate candidates. Election is by a majority of ballots cast by the members in an open election.

A. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING TEAM MEMBERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The executive committee will seek the recommendations of the chief negotiator in determining the size and personnel for appointment to the negotiating team. The collective bargaining team may be augmented at any time at the option of the Executive Committee by majority vote. The team will receive approval of memos of understanding (MOUs) from the executive committee.

A.        DISTRIBUTION:       The TLUs release time provided by, or purchased from, the District may be distributed to any of the officers or Union appointees by the Executive Committee as determined by majority vote.
B.        STIPENDS:    The stipends will be set by majority vote of the Executive Committee for services performed on behalf of CRFO.

By May 15 of each year the executive committee shall appoint the following:
A.        CHIEF NEGOTIATOR:         Director of collective bargaining, polls faculty on issues, represents the union in negotiations with the District.
B.        GRIEVANCE OFFICER:       Director of grievance resolution, maintains grievance files.
C.        TREASURER:            Union accountant, maintains financial records, disburses funds, and proposes an annual budget.
D.        EDITOR:        Director of Union publications edits and arranges for publication of the newsletter.
E.         SECRETARY:            Keeps, transcribes, and files minutes of all Executive Committee, general and special meetings, prepares and mails notices to members, and assists the president in correspondence and maintaining files.

The CRFO officers serve year round.

Petition for constitutional amendment must be from two thirds of the executive committee or by petition of 20 members. After 30 days notice, ratification requires a majority vote of ballots received from members.

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern CRFO meetings.

This constitution was revised and approved 4/2000; revised 04/22/04, revised ----, 2012, revised 3/7/2014