Danny Walker, Welding Technology

Danny Walker, Welding Technology

A.A. Machine Tool Technology, College of the Redwoods; B.A. Industrial Arts, Humboldt State University; Completion of Apprenticeship Machinist CA; CCC Instructor Credential; Completion of Apprenticeship-Welder CA; Weld-Ed Completion of five modules; Welding Fume Hazard Certificate (2011), and forklift certification.

Categories: Career Education, Welding Technology

I first came to College of the Redwoods as a student many years ago, gaining education for transfer to Humboldt State. I returned to CR as an instructional assistant/classroom aide and later a part-time instructor in the Machine Tool Program (now called Manufacturing) but after a few years I decided to pursue a career in my field.

I was employed at Humboldt Machine Works for two years and Gene’s Machine Works for twenty-five years. After gaining invaluable practical experience in machining, welding, mechanics, and hydraulics, I was asked to return to CR to teach the Welding Program, and have been here for many years.

Seeing the enjoyment, pride in workmanship, and increased self-worth in students is why I teach. I have a laidback approach to teaching, while still maintaining the rigor necessary for students to learn the skills. A student who takes my class can expect a straight-forward, honest, encouraging assessment of their ability. They will receive real-world, practical, hands-on welding experience. I teach etiquette, soft skills, and many welding processes, such as OAW, OAB, OAC, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, TIG, CNC plasma.

Due to the lack of trained workers, retiring welders (typically "the baby boomers"), and new equipment, there are many opportunities in the welding industry. This need is not just local, but global. So, there are exciting opportunities for students in welding.

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