Barbara Jaffari, Business Technology

Barbara Jaffari, Business Technology

B.A. Liberal Studies, M.A. Computer Based Education, California Polytechnic State University

Categories: Career Education, Business Office Technology

While I was in the last year of my undergraduate studies I took a new, mandatory course in some of the first computer applications for business (Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and Dbase).  I enjoyed the course so much I decided to apply to the newly created Master’s program in Computer Based Education. I continued to enjoy the programming classes as well as the education courses.

While I was completing my Master’s Degree I taught business applications at a trade college in Oceanside, California.  The next job I had was at Mira Costa Community College where I taught a wide variety of computer courses and worked for the Computer Services Department.  In my third year at Mira Costa College I saw a job announcement for a full-time teaching position at College of the Redwoods, and over 20 years later am still here teaching courses that I enjoy!

It is inspiring and motivating for me when I learn which knowledge and skills students are interested in acquiring and how they foresee themselves applying those skills.

Many of the skills taught in the Business Technology program are universal skills used in almost all jobs. These skills also increase success in college as well as being useful for tasks outside of school or a job. I enjoy helping students meet their goals and dreams. 

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