Chris Romero, Computer Information Systems

Chris Romero, Computer Information Systems

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What do you love most about your discipline?
Computers are changing the world! The potential of technology is exciting, and people want to learn more. It is challenging and constantly evolving, but well worth the effort. CIS encourages analytical thought, creative expression, and flexibility; it transforms the way we work and communicate. Everyone can be successful, whatever their skill level, and can apply what they have learned as they see fit. When we explore and use these technologies, we become part of this amazing revolution!

Everyone can benefit. CIS offers practical incentives, whatever your background or interest. Taking even one course can provide a big return for your investment, like better grades in other classes. You can enhance your job marketability while exploring your personal potential.

Is there anything else you would like your students to know about you?
I admire you, and am sensitive to your needs. My parents weren?t able to go to college, so I understand the difficulties of balancing school along with other priorities in life.

Professor Romero has a Computer Information Technology and Electrical Engineering background. His teaching philosophy has been influenced by his experience using computers in the Aerospace Industry as part of Design and Manufacturing teams, and as a consultant. His classes use basic Computer Science theory as a foundation, focusing on the technical skills required to apply this science in practice. He has offered a variety of course formats for students? convenience, using technology as he teaches to directly show students how they can apply the skills they are learning to facilitate communication. Coursework includes hands-on lab exercises to help students understand new concepts and gain confidence in their new computing skills. Lifestyle choices led him to the North Coast, where nature's beauty inspires him. He is drawn to the outdoors, likes to garden, and is studying Aquaponics. He enjoys watersports, especially kitesurfing, and time with his family.

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