Franz Rulofson, Agriculture

Franz Rulofson, Agriculture

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What do you like most about teaching at CR?
I love the diversity of courses I have in my teaching assignment, which includes Animal Science, Plant Science, and Agriculture Business courses. I am dedicated to working with students every day, teaching production agriculture processes and ideas, and sharing culturally relevant information. I enjoy the hands-on learning aspect of the agriculture curriculum. We live in an area rich with agriculture. Everywhere you turn is an agriculture laboratory. We are lucky to have a 40-acre certified organic farm as a laboratory for students to engage in hands-on learning.

What do you love most about your discipline?
Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important disciplines. If you think about it, everyone needs to eat and all food comes from agriculture. It is a discipline that is heavy on science. Each year there are new advances in the science of agriculture. I am constantly learning new things that can be applied to our curriculum. Franz says, 'to be involved in agriculture production you must be an optimist, because in farming next year will always be better.'

Is there anything else you would like your students to know about you?
I started teaching part-time here at College of the Redwoods in 2004, and full-time in 2010. I enjoy being outside and helping others. I have been a Boy Scout Leader and am currently helping the Fortuna Community Garden develop a sustainable production plan. I enjoy the students here at CR, and the camaraderie of my colleagues and staff. I have had the pleasure of teaching and managing the College's farm, and hope to continue teaching for many years.

Professor Franz Rulofson received his Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Farm Management from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. He went on to earn a Masters of Science from the University of Nevada in Animal Science with a minor in Agriculture Education, and published articles on the effects of stress on dark cutting in beef. He continues this work at CR with the development of a low stress livestock handling facility. Before teaching full-time in the Agriculture Department in 2010, Franz was hired in 2001 as the first CR Farm manager, where he developed the farm laboratory as a model Certified Organic farm. He has worked overseas twice, most recently in the former Soviet Republic of Armenia where he helped develop an agricultural education system. Franz is a certified livestock judge, and judges livestock at County Fairs in Oregon and California.

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