Mike Peterson, Manufacturing Technology

Mike Peterson, Manufacturing Technology

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Certificate of Achievement, Machine Tool Technology, College of the Redwoods; Certificate of Achievement, CNC Machine Tool Technology, College of the Redwoods; B.A. Mathematics, Humboldt State University; M.S. Technology, Purdue University

Growing up, I learned about mechanical science and machining early on because my grandfather was a Mechanical Engineer and he had a machine shop in his garage.  In High School, I earned an “Outstanding Achievement in Metals” award.  I graduated from CR’s Manufacturing Program in 1987 with two Certificates of Achievement in Machine Tool Technology. 

While I was in the program, I started working as a machinist at a company in Eureka where I was running Autocad before there were any Windows operating systems. 

I returned to CR in 2006 to teach in the same program that began my manufacturing career in 1985. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of many others by carrying on the legacy of a successful program is my favorite part of teaching.  Providing instruction in skills that allow people to improve their lives gives me job satisfaction. 

This field requires precision and attention to detail, so I seek to emphasize methods for explaining and demonstrating complex ideas in a casual and informal but highly detailed way.  I encourage discussion and debate, and I’m always interested in student’s experiences and opinions.  Laboratory work often involves students working individually, programming and operating machines.

Interacting with students of all levels of knowledge is interesting and educational, I have learned so much from my students because teaching is learning.

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