Computer Information Systems Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

Master the hardware and software used in today’s enterprise networks while you receive hands-on experience using cutting-edge technology.

Projected California Employment Statistics


Computer and Network installer


Job Growth (2014-2024)


Job Openings (2014-2024)

19,700 23,600



Computer Support Specialist


Job Growth (2014-2024)


Job Openings (2014-2024)

62,200 77,680


Classes for Industry Certification

College of the Redwoods offers four courses to prepare you for industry certification.

These certifications offer:

  • a competitive edge in the job market;
  • heightened career advancement opportunities;
  • increased value to employers and their organizations.

93% of managers look for certifications when hiring; having them on your resume can get you in the door.

“I absolutely recommend CR. I have recommended it to people I know who have trouble getting a job, not just for IT, but in general. The affordability was definitely a strong reason for not holding off on going "

- Jerold Capps, AS in CIS Networking