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Last Day for Withdrawal: November 3rd

Fall 2017 Last Day to file for Withdrawal (No Refunds)

  • 19 October 2017
  • Author: Clark, Karyn
  • Number of views: 6380

November 3rd is the last day to file for a Withdrawal from classes without a refund.  After November 3rd, students will earn whatever grade they earned in the class. 

Students can Withdraw themselves from classes at any time via WebAdvisor.  If a student would like the Admissions Office to process their Withdrawal, you may use the form provided below.  In order for the Admissions Office to process the form, the following information must be completely filled out on the Drop Card:
Correct Student ID#
Student Name,
The word "drop" circled
The class title and section number filled in
And signed by the student

All Drop Withdrawal Forms for processing by the Admissions Office must be received at the window by 4pm on November 3rd. DO NOT PUT FORMS INTO DROP BOX ON November 3rd.

Instructor Signature, 1st Date of Attendance and Dean's Signatures are not needed for a Withdrawal.

Please remember, it is always the responsibility of the student to withdraw from classes.  The Admissions Help Window processes forms as a courtesy.

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