Dual Enrollment

Why Dual Enrollment?

Besides the no cost, on your campus, taught by your own teachers – research has shown that high school students who take dual enrollment courses are more likely to graduate with a college degree!
In a dual enrollment Program you’re training in high school to succeed in college.

Research studies have shown that students enrolled in a dual enrollment program:
• Develop stronger study skills;
• Are more likely to graduate high school;
• Gain confidence in their ability to take and succeed in college courses;
• Are more likely to register for college after high school;
• Have a higher college grade point average;
• And are more likely to complete a college degree.

Additional Benefits of Dual Enrollment
• No need to pay for college tuition, books, or fees - potentially saving thousands of dollars.
• Take your first collegiate courses in a familiar environment, with faculty you know, and support from family and friends.
• Receive college credit.
• Reduce the amount of time necessary to earn a college degree after high school.
• Enhance your application for college.
• Earn college credits at College of the Redwoods that apply towards certificates, AA degrees, or Associate Degrees for Transfer to California’s State Universities.

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