Dual Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?
There is no cost for class tuition, course materials, or texts. Dual enrollment courses are completely FREE.

What dual enrollment courses are offered?
General Education and/or Career Technical Education. Check with your high school counselor for specific class offerings at your high school.

Are dual enrollment classes college classes or just rigorous high school classes?
Each dual enrollment class is a state approved collegiate course, whether it is an academic course or a career technical education course.

Who teaches the courses?
College of the Redwoods’ dual enrollment courses are taught by high school instructors who have been qualified through the state community college system to teach the college course, just like all community college instructors in the state of California. In most cases, a Master degree in the discipline is required.

Are these college credits transferable to a college besides College of the Redwoods?
Every effort is made by College of the Redwoods and the high school to choose CSU and UC transferable courses and Career and Technical courses that will move the student towards job placement upon graduation.

How do I transfer my dual enrollment courses to my college of choice?
Once you complete the College of the Redwoods course(s), it will be placed on your permanent College of the Redwoods transcript. If you are choosing to attend College of the Redwoods you do not have to request any transcripts, as the course(s) you completed are already in the CR system. If College of the Redwoods is not your college of choice, once you are admitted to your college of choice, you will need to request official transcripts through your student WebAdvisor account and have them sent to your new college.

What high schools are participating?
The following high schools are members of the College and Career Access Pathways Partnership and Enrollment Program: Arcata High School, Eureka High School, Fortuna High School, McKinleyville High School.

Should I have any concerns?
Dual Enrollment courses will become part of your official college transcript and be part of your permanent collegiate grade point average, no matter the college you choose to attend. If a dual enrollment class is not going as planned, it is important to know the drop and withdraw dates for these courses.

Can Dual Enrollment limit my access to future financial aid?
Dual Enrollment courses count as college courses, therefore they are captured in your total units attempted and earned along with your grade point average. For students completing courses that apply toward their degree this should have no negative impact on financial aid. However, for students that do not pass courses, earn failing grades, or for those students who change majors multiple times there are more implications. You can explore the “Stay Eligible” section on the Financial Aid website at www.redwoods.edu/financialaid/Stay-Eligible
The important thing to keep in mind is that successful completion of college courses in high school helps you graduate faster. If you have specific concerns about financial aid please contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@redwoods.edu.

Can my collegiate athletic eligibility be impacted?
No, participation in dual enrollment courses does not impact future collegiate athletic eligibility.

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