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General Reference

  • https://www.ipl.org/ - The Internet Public Library
  • https://vlib.org/ - WWW Virtual Library
  • https://lii.org/ - The Librarians' Index to the Internet - "The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 6,600 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. It's meant to be used by both librarians and non-librarians as a reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources."
  • https://www.popcultures.com/ - This is the best site I've found for pop culture analysis--a great collection of links! Click on the categories Journals/Archives, Articles/Papers, or General Links, and you can surf in the world of pop culture studies for hours. There's also a link to PopMatters, "a magazine of global culture, [which] is the sister site of PopCultures.com."
  • https://www.yourdictionary.com/ - yourDictionary.com: "yourDictionary.com (YDC) was founded in 1999 to provide the world's most comprehensive, and authoritative portal for language, and language-related products and services on the world wide web. yourDictionary.com has the widest and deepest set of dictionaries on the web (more than 1500 dictionaries representing more than 230 languages)."
  • https://www.quotationspage.com/ - The Quotation Page
  • https://www.britannica.com/ - The online edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica
  • https://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/lchp.html - The Library of Congress
  • https://www.ecola.com/ - NewsDirectory.com: "NewsDirectory.com is a guide to English-language media online."
  • https://www.suite101.com/ - Suite101.com: Suite101.com is... "an Internet company... engaged in the creation, operation, and support of an Internet-based Best-of-Web Directory and community known as Suite101.com. Thousands of users from around the world use this site to find relevant and quality information on a variety of topics as well as express themselves and share ideas, interests, and expertise with other users who have similar interests."

Writing, Grammar & Study Skills

  • https://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/index.htm
  • https://www.wisc.edu/writing/Handbook/ - Writers Handbook (University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center) - Covering academic writing, grammar/style, documentation, peer review, and application letters and essay, this site could serve as a valuable resource for students in any CR composition class. The information on writing thesis statements is especially good.
  • https://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/index.htm - Guide to Grammar and Writing - The Guide focuses primarily on grammar, punctuation, sentence skills, and paragraph-level writing issues. It includes a grammar question service and interactive grammar quizzes. The section on coherence and transition is quite good and could benefit any CR composition student. (Created by Professor of English/Humanities Charles Darling for English courses at Capital Community College and for the general online public.)
  • https://www.powa.org/ - Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - "Paradigm... is online writer's guide and handbook," which provides excellent information on writing a variety of standard academic essay assignments, as well as documenting sources. Especially useful for the English 150 and English 1A student is the section on writing thesis/support papers. (Created by Chuck Guilford, textbook author and associate professor of English at Boise State University.)
  • https://www.sff.net/People/LisaRC/index.htp - The Writers Block - This site offers "information about what writer's block is and isn't, why writers get blocked and some things that might help you get into, around, thru or over your own block. (Created by Lisa Cohen, a science fiction writer.)
  • https://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/grammar/index.html - Purdue University's website that introduces many grammatical concepts and terms.

Research Databases

Literature Databases

  • https://www.ualberta.ca/~amactavi/litlinks.htm - LitLinks: Literary Links on the Web. - "This site lists many of the best literary links on the web. While not exhaustive, it is representative and offers connections to other major online lists."
  • https://www.ipl.org/ref/litcrit/ - The Internet Public Library Online Literary Criticism Collection - "The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection contains 3810 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by nationality and literary period."

Creative Writing

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