The Venture Collaborative

Stronger Together:  Building the Ecosystem

The Venture Collaborative is a partnership between education, business and community organizations to encourage students, future entrepreneurs and business owners to take it to the next step.  We host and sponsor entrepreneurship and education events in our community to build and support a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Student learning beyond the classroom

Combining classroom learning with the practical, real world education.  Our events are designed to mix student led activities, business leaders and resources for the greatest impact.  Our spring line up of partner events include Startup Weekend, Manage the Chaos leadership workshop series, Future Four Competition (college) and the Innovate (high school) competition.

Student Competition

Through a partnership with Humboldt State University; CR students are encouraged to compete in Startup Weekend and the Road to the Future Four competition.   High School students are encouraged to participate in the Innovate competition.

Connecting with business leaders and mentors

Students have an opportunity to connect with business mentors, SBDC Advisors and CR / HSU faculty to support them during their project.