The Venture Collaborative

Our Story

College of the Redwoods had a vision to encourage student entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship thinking in our Far North region.  To best accomplish this, we collaborate with other resources already available in our community, work with the private business industry and innovative curriculum, and provide incentive to students that will become the future business owners and leaders of our region.

We knew it takes a community of supporters to enact dynamic change.  Blue Lake Rancheria’s Resiliency Project, Humboldt County Office of Education’s Decade of Difference (Innovate), Humboldt State University, and North Coast SBDC came together to explore this shared dream as an advisory committee.  Each member believes in the value of creating a community that supports and honors our next generation of leaders.  It’s in this believe of collaboration that we support change in our community to increase resiliency and relevancy in today’s competitive markets. 

We honor the value past business competitions have had in supporting businesses to launch.  We cherish this.  Our story continues these efforts by defining pathways for students to gain skills and increase entrepreneurial efforts and by hosting a series of events cumulating in an opportunity for students to earn seed capital and other valuable prizes.

Our Purpose

To bring together the ecosystem of workforce, economic development pathways, and education to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and leadership that serves the business community.

Our Vision 

We envision a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that is inclusive of all sectors.  These will include a qualified thriving workforce earning a living wage, diverse educational pathways including entrepreneurship thinking and leadership.

Our Partners