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EOPS Mission Statement

  • To increase the number and percentage of students enrolled in community colleges who are affected by language, social, and economic disadvantages, consistent with state and local matriculation policies.
  • To increase the number and percentage of EOPS students who successfully complete their chosen educational objectives.
  • To increase the number and percentage of EOPS students who are successfully placed into career employment.
  • To increase the number and percentage of EOPS students who transfer to four year institutions following completion of the related educational programs at community colleges.
  • To strive to assist community colleges to meet student and employee affirmative action objectives.
  • To improve the delivery of programs and services to the disadvantaged.


EOPS History

The Story Behind the Nickel and the Nails
The Nickel and the Nails are fitting symbols for the Extended Opportunity Program and Services. Why a nickel and nail? As the story goes, a young man in the deep South was walking down a dirt road on the way to visit his lady friend, dejected by the fact that the nickel in his pocket was all he had to his name. But as he walked, he noticed two old horseshoe nails, twisted together into a knot, by the side of the road. He picked them up and put them in his pocket, thereby quickly gaining a little pride and dignity by having "something to jingle."

EOPS makes educational success more possible and education more accessible while encouraging a strong sense of pride and dignity, increasing students' self-esteem and motivation.