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Financial Aid

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In person financial aid services are centralized for all CR locations at the Eureka campus. 

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Or send us an email at

For form submission please use the eForms platform to submit forms to the financial aid office.

Student Services Building

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Monday – Thursday




Financial Aid eForms

Once you have completed the online financial aid application, the CR financial aid office may request additional documents before your eligibility can be determined for some types of aid. Financial aid documents must be submitted electronically through eForms. 

For help in navigating eForms, view the  EFORMS TUTORIAL

Required Forms

Log in to WebAdvisor and check ‘myFinAid’ to see if there are any required documents missing. If applicable, there will be a link to each required eForm  (eForms login page tip: use your student email login credentials).  Also watch for emails in your student email account regarding any new requirements or status updates.


Optional Forms

Use the links below to access optional eForms. For help in navigating eForms, refer to the FAQ below or view the  EFORMS TUTORIAL  (eForms login page tip: use your student email login credentials)

Additional Documents – to submit follow up documentation or other miscellaneous documents that you wish to submit.

Release of Information – to give permission for us to share your financial aid information with someone other than you

Dependency Status Review – to request to be an Independent Student for financial aid

Dependency Status Update – to renew your Independent status for a future year after prior approval

Direct Loan Application – to request a student loan (additional details and steps to apply for a loan)

Direct Loan Change Request – to request a change or cancel an existing loan

Financial Aid Cancellation – to cancel some or all of your financial aid awards (if you are cancelling a loan ONLY, use the Direct Loan Change Request form)


Form Deadlines

Most forms are due prior to your last date of attendance for the academic year.  However, the following term-specific forms are due before your last date of attendance for the term: SAP Appeals and term-specific Loan Requests.

Processing Timelines

Please allow 2-5 days after submitting an eForm for it to show as 'received' in myFinAid. Your file will be reviewed when all requested documents have been received. Files are reviewed in the order they were completed and the review process may take 2-4 weeks.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance!


Frequently Asked Questions:


A log in error will occur if a different gmail account (such as a personal one) is logged into the device being used to access eforms. To resolve this error, please do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Student Email” at the upper left hand corner.
  3. Log into your student email.
  4. Log into eForms using the links provided in the financial aid emails, myFinAid, or at:

This process ensures that eForms does not try to use a personal google account. For more information please see page 2 of the eForms tutorial. If the student needs additional assistance please see page 3 of the tutorial.

Students can find out which financial aid eForms they need to submit by:

  • Checking myFinAid in Webadvisor and then clicking on “Complete Required Documents”
  • Students are also sent an email to their student email ( regarding which forms they need to submit
  • Students can also log into eForms and check the eForm Checklist found at the of the forms section.

Please see page 6 of the eForms Tutorial for information or you can email us from your student email at

Students can attach documents to an eForm by using the “attachments” button at the bottom of the eForm. Some eForms require attachments, some offer options attachments and other eForms do not provide an option to attach a document. Please see page 9 of the eForms tutorial.

If a student needs to submit a document that isn’t a form or cannot be submitted with any of our current eForms, they may use the “Additional Documents” eForms. Please see page 12 of the eForms tutorial.

If the “unsubmittable” error occurs while trying to submit an eForm, please do the following:

  1. Check for any additional error messages, typically the eForm will state what the issue is.
  2. Read the instructions of the eForm, some eForms require an attachment.
  3. Some eForm have required fields, make sure all required fields are filled out.
  4. Refresh the browser and reattempt submitting the eForm.

If the “unsubmittable” error continues to occur please contact our financial aid office for additional assistance. Please email us at:

Please allow 1-2 weeks for financial aid staff to review your submitted eForm. Students can check the activity section of eForms to see if their eForm was successfully submitted. Please refer to page 14 of the eForm tutorial for more information on checking the status of a submitted eForm.

Once financial aid staff have reviewed your eForm, it will be marked as received in the students’ myFinAid.

If there is an issue with the eForm, it will be returned to the student’s eForm inbox and an email notification will be sent to the students email. The student will be provided a link in their student email to access their returned eForm or they can log back into eforms and access their inbox. The returned eForm can be corrected and resubmitted. Please refer to page 15 of the eForms tutorial for more information on returned eForms.

Students receive an email in their student email regarding returned eForms. The email will include a comment from financial aid staff providing reasons/guidance. The email will also contain a direct link to access the returned eForm.

Returned eForms are sent to the inbox in the eForms system. Student may log into eForms by going to, logging in and then clicking on “Inbox.” Please refer to page 15 in the eForms tutorial for more information on returned eForms and the inbox function.

If you have submitted a eForm you may not be able to resubmit the same form again unless this form has been returned to your eForm inbox. Some eForms may only be submitted once, other eForms may be submitted multiple times.

Please note, it takes 1-2 weeks for your submitted eForm to be marked as received in your myFinAid.

If you are being asked to submit additional documentation to an accepted eForm, you may be asked to use the MISC. eForm or the Additional Documents eForm for submitting additional information. Please refer to your myFinAid for more information on which eForms you need to submit.

If you made a mistake on a submitted eForm and would like to make a correction, please contact us using your student email at:

Students can review their submitted eForms by clicking on “Activity” in the eForms platform. The activity section will show what eForms are “in progress” waiting to be reviewed by Financial Aid Staff and which forms have “ended” which means Financial Aid Staff have reviewed and accepted your eForm.

To learn more about the status of your eForm, please see page 14 of the eForms tutorial.

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