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In person financial aid services are centralized for all CR locations at the Eureka location. 

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How To Keep Your Financial Aid Eligibility

Your financial aid award letter will list the award amounts for students who are enrolled full time (12 or more units). Federal regulations require that all students make satisfactory academic progress  in an eligible program of study/educational goal to maintain eligibility for financial aid.  See the information below to learn what could affect your financial aid eligibility after you've received your award letter.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

SAP will be evaluated at the end of every semester, including summer.

In order to remain eligible for most types of financial assistance and scholarships at CR, students must maintain both a qualitative and quantitative standard for satisfactory academic progress. These standards measure a student's progress in three different aspects:

  • Cumulative grade point average
  • Cumulative unit completion rate, and
  • The maximum time frame (unit limit) allowable for completion of an academic program

Please review our Satsifactory Academic Progress Policy here: satisfactory academic progress

Check Your SAP Status:

Students can check their most recent SAP status by accessing their myFinAid dashboard, found in webadvisor and clicking on the SAP status banner displayed at the top. The SAP status screen will display the students most recent SAP status, a description of their status, SAP history details, and detailed information on their unit cap, cumulative GPA and cumulative completion rate/pace.

SAP Status Descriptions

SATISFACTORY – all requirements met; no limits to financial aid

WARNING – Cumulative GPA/Completion Rate requirements not met; one term with no limits to financial aid (at risk for losing eligibility for next term)

SUSPENSION – Warning term requirements not met; financial aid eligibility lost*

MAX TIME SUSPENSION – Unit Limit requirements not met; financial aid eligibility lost*

PROBATION – Appeal approved; one term with no limits to financial aid (at risk for losing eligibility for next term)

SAP Appeal Process

If a student has extenuating circumstances that prevented them from making academic progress toward a degree, an appeal may be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid prior to the 4 weeks prior to the end of the term (including secondary appeals). Please see the appeal form for the specific deadlines (Summer deadlines may vary).

If the appeal is approved by the committee, the student will be placed on probation and will be eligible to receive financial aid for one term.

  • If the student is not meeting SAP at the end of their probationary semester, but they are meeting the terms of their academic plan, their academic plan can be rolled over to the next semester and the student will be aid eligible for that semester as well.
  • If the student is on probation and does not meet the SAP requirements or the terms of their academic plan, they will be suspended from receiving financial aid in future semesters.

If a decision is made to deny the appeal, the student may request a second review by the committee only if the student can provide new information and documentation that may have been omitted from the initial appeal.

Withdrawing From One Or More Classes

If you who drop one or more of your classes, you may fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress which may result in ineligibility for financial aid in the future. Please contact the CR Counseling and Advising Center and speak to a counselor before dropping a course to gain a better understanding of the academic consequences.

Some award amounts will change based on the number of units and some awards require a minimum number of units to be eligible. Depending upon the awards you receive and the timing of withdrawal, you may be expected to repay a portion of your financial aid.

more information on withdrawals

more information on refund disbursements

Withdrawing From All Classes

According to federal regulations, you may be expected to repay a portion of your financial aid if you withdraw from all classes or receive any combination of W/NC/F grades in all classes in a particular term.

Students earn financial aid for each calendar day that they attend classes.  If you withdraw after attending at least 60% of the semester, you are not required to return funds.

CR will notify and provide instructions to you if you are required to return funds. Keep in mind that if you fail to repay grant funds, you may be ineligible for future federal financial aid at any college.

Review this short video on withdrawing from classes:

more information on withdrawals

Eligible Academic Programs & Courses

Federal regulations require that all students receiving federal student aid enroll in and make progress toward an eligible educational goal and an eligible program. All AA/AS/AS-T programs are financial aid eligible programs, but only some certificate programs are currently eligible for financial aid. Additionally, some courses are not eligible for financial aid.

View Eligible Academic Programs, Educational Goals & Courses

Policies & Procedures

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Rights & Responsibilities

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