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Direct Loan Request Process


✅ Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Loan: Available
✅ Fall Only Loan: Available
✅ Spring Only Loan: Available

NOTE: Spring 2020 Only Loans processing will start October 1, 2020. Spring only loan application will be placed on hold until they can be processed. 


Full Year (F2020/S2021) Loans Due: April 23, 2021
Fall 2020 Semester Only Loans Due: November 27, 2020
Spring 2021 Semester Only Loans Due: April 23, 2021


Current Status: 

⌛ ✅ The 2020-2021 Loan Applications are being processed without delays. Standard processing time is 4-6 weeks. Spring only loan application processing starts October 1, 2020.  



Completion of the 2020-21 Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all additional requested documents is required in order to assess eligibility for a Direct Student Loan. Carefully review the loan request steps as outlined below (click on the links to access required forms or websites). The loan processing steps should be completed in the order presented, otherwise delays can occur with the loan disbursement.

Your responsibilities:

You are responsible for meeting applicable deadlines, reading all loan information and ensuring you have completed all required steps. Late or incomplete loan forms will not be processed and may be returned to you. This includes inaccurate or incomplete information submitted to financial aid office, or any other required forms submitted as part of the loan request process. This includes ensuring that you have completed the FAFSA application and all additional requested documents PRIOR to the Loan Request deadlines listed above.

Submission options:

  • Electronically via eForms 
    • How Do I Access and Submit the Loan Application?
      • Please refer to Section 2, Step 4.




Borrow only when absolutely necessary. Students who are planning to transfer should be aware that loans are generally the largest portion of a financial aid package at four year colleges. Consider your total educational debt before borrowing at College of the Redwoods.


Loan Interest Rates and Origination Fees:

Please access the document below for more information on student loan interest rates, origination fees, maximum amounts and examples of how origination fees are applied.



Student loan disbursements for first-time borrowers will be made no earlier than 30 days after the first day of the term. Please review our 2020-2021 Disbursement Schedule regarding disbursement dates and enrollment status dates. All loans have a minimum of two disbursement dates if originated before the midterm of the semester. Loan refunds are provided to students through their BankMobile refund preference, Learn More Here.

Loan Enrollment Period Dates:

Your loan enrollment period is the period of time that you are eligible to receive loan funds during each academic year. The loan period for most students are the Fall and Spring semesters, the Fall semester only, or the Spring semester only. For students in non-standard length programs, such as the Police Academy or LVN program, the loan enrollment period will be specific to your program start and end dates.

  • Fall/Spring Loan Period Dates: 08/22/2020-05/14/2021
  • Fall Only Loan Period Dates: 08/22/2020-12/18/2020
  • Spring Only Loan Period Dates: 01/22/2021-05/14/2021


Loan appeal process:

Students who have reached a considerable amount of loan debt in relation to the federal loan limits, including the current requested amount and/or students who have previously defaulted on a student loan, may need to submit a direct loan appeal form. Students must submit a direct loan application first. If requested to submit a direct loan appeal form a student will be notified via student email with the link to that document.

Student Loans Can Be Declined/Reduced:

Financial Aid staff may use professional judgment to decline or reduce the loan requested for students at risk to default on a case-by-case basis per HEA Sec. 479(a)(c), 34 CFR 685.301(a)(8), DCL GEN-11-07. In the circumstances when professional judgement is used to deny a student loan, a written explanation will be provided. Denied Student loans are appealable to the Dean of Enrollment Services.


Your Loan Servicer:

  • For First time loan borrowers, you will be assigned a loan servicer once your student loan disburses. Your loan servicer assignment is made by the Department of Education. The Department of Education will communicate to you, who your loan servicer is. Once you are assigned your loan servicer, please go to their website to create an account and amange your student loan. Payments will be scheduled and handled by your loan servicer. College of the Redwoods cannot take payment for your student loan and cannot provide your student loan account number, you must go through your assigned loan servicer. 
  • For returning loan borrowers, you have already been assigned a loan servicer and will need to know who your loan servicer is in order to submit a loan application. If you do not know who your loan servicer is, please review these instructions - How to Find your Loan Servicers Information


Additional Resources:

The following are resources to answering required questions on your Loan Change Forms and Loan Appeal Forms, these resources can also be found on the forms.

  • We highly recommend you complete a personal budget/worksheet to review your current debt level and understand how you are spending your money. Loans are fairly easy to get, but difficult to repay. We want to be sure you are well-informed so you only take out loans if absolutely necessary. This will help you figure out the appropriate amount you need to borrow.
  • For students with prior student loan debt, please visit and use your FSA ID and Password to login. You will be able to obtain your prior loan debt and the name of your loan servicer(s). Accurate information about your prior loan debt and who your loan servicer(s) are required on loan change forms & loan appeals and should be known prior to submitting your loan change.
  • Please use the loan payment calculator to calculate your estimated loan payments, the loan amount should include your prior loan debt and the new amount you are requesting if you are a previous borrower.



If you have questions about the loan process, need submission assistance or need help with understanding your prior loan debt, please contact the financial literacy advisor at 707-476-4183 or email the financial aid office at:




Delays can occur if the student does not complete the steps in the order presented, Steps 1-3 should be completed first before a student submits a loan request as outlined in Step 4.

Step 1: Complete the 2020/21 FAFSA application process.
  • Submit any follow-up documents that are requested by the financial aid office. You will receive a student email notice when your Financial Aid file review is complete.
  • Haven't submitted a FAFSA? Apply here:
  • Note: The email subject heading will be: Financial Aid Award Notification or Financial Aid Eligibility Notification.
Step 2: Submit a Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note)
  • Complete online at
  • Make sure the MPN is for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan for Undergraduates
  • Only needs to be submitted once, unless your MPN has expired (good for 10 years).
    • Announcement: Starting the 2021-2022 academic year, students will need to resubmit a "Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment" each year.
  • Additional Information about completing the MPN process can be found: HERE
  • Note: If you completed an MPN at a previous institution you will need to login to and resubmit the MPN to College of the Redwoods. (Directions)
Step 3: Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Complete session online at
  • Only needs to be completed once.
  • Additional Information about completing the Loan Counseling process can be found: HERE
  • Note: If you completed entrance counseling at a previous institution you will need to login to and resend your completed entrance counseling to College of the Redwoods by using the "Notify Additional School" function. (Directions)
Step 4:  Submit Loan Application
  •  How to use and login to eForms
    • ​Review the eForm Tutorial for login instructions and navigating eForms: View Tutorial
      • tip: to log into eForms, you must use the Google sign in button on the bottom of the sign in page, then use your student email login information. 
      • If you do not have access to your student email, please contact the IT Help Desk to recover your student email: 707-476-4160
  • ​​The Loan Application eForm
    • Access the Loan Application eForm (Click Here)
      • Academic Year must be 2020-21
      • If the eForm is not accessible, please email us at:, please send a screenshot of what your seeing if possible. We have alternative options for students who are unable to access the eForm due to technical issues with the system. 
      • If eForm is submitted with incorrect information, it will be returned to the student. An automated email will be sent to your student email and the form will be placed in your eForm inbox. If you have been requested to update your eForm, you will need to log back into eForms and fix the form. Please check your junk/spam folder. 



Financial Aid Staff will review your Direct Loan application to determine your eligibility. The loan certification process may take from 4-6 weeks, or longer depending on when you submit your request, from your loan submission date (as long as all required steps have been completed). If you have any questions about your loan request, want to make a change to your original request, or need to make an appointment to come in and talk with the Financial Literacy Specialist, please call (707) 476-4183 or email

After the loan certification, students will receive an award notification through their email account, students can check myFinAid for detailed award information. Students will also receive an award letter via your student email detailing loan amount, disbursement dates and loan period. Student loans disburse to the student through their refund preference that they setup through BankMobile at

Students are required to complete Exit Loan Counseling BEFORE they graduate, withdraw, or drop below 6 units. Students will receive an email towards the end of each semester about completing exit loan counseling to both their personal and student email. For students who do not have a personal email on file, they will receive exit loan counseling documents in the mail. To complete Exit Loan Counseling please go to: You will need to log in with your FSA ID and Password and then select "complete exit counseling."

Options to Complete Exit Loan Counseling:

  • Online at, you will need to use your FSA ID and Password
  • In Person, workshops are available at the end of the semester
  • Via US Mail, you will need to request the paper work and mail back a form to CR

For students who have submitted a loan application and have been awarded a student loan, they can submit to have a loan changed or canceled. Forms are available through our eForms platform, please see the tutorial for login instructions.

  • Loan Change Form
    • Students can submit a loan change form to increase or decrease their student loan amount. Loan change processing can take 2-4 weeks to process, do not submit multiple loan change forms as it will delay the processing as the multiple submissions will need to be sorted. If you submitted a loan change form but made a mistake, please contact Financial Aid.
  • Cancellation Form
    • Students can submit a financial aid cancellation form and indicate what terms and what award they would like to cancel. Only undisbursed loan funds can be cancelled, if your loan has disbursed and you wish to return the funds, please return your funds to your assigned loan servicer. Don't know who your loan servicer is? Please log into or contact the financial aid office.

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