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Parent PLUS Loan Application Process

WARNING: Only Parents of Dependent Students may apply for this type of loan

Loan Request Dates & Deadlines

  • Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Loan: Available Now
  • Spring Only 2020 Loan: Available Now
  • Fall Only 2019 Loan: Past Due


  • Spring 2020 Only and/or Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Parent PLUS Loan: April 24, 2020
  • Fall 2019 Only Parent PLUS Loan: Nov. 29, 2019 (past due)


Parent PLUS Loan Eligibility:

Please watch the video below to learn more and the requirements to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan. To learn more about Parent PLUS Loans and who is an eligible parent, please visit


Parent PLUS Loan Application Resources (Before Applying):

When the parent of a dependent student is applying for a Parent PLUS Loan they will need to know some information for the application process. Please refer to the following information to assist you in filling out the Parent PLUS Loan Application, the following are the questions that the parent will need to answer as they fill out the application. Parent Borrowers can preview the application here: Preview Application

  • Question 1. Borrower Type: Parent Borrower

Note: The only PLUS Loans College of the Redwoods processes are for Parent Borrowers.

  • Question 2. Award Year: 2019-2020
  • Questions 3-7. Input your Students Information
  • Question 8. Request for Deferment While Student is Enrolled in School

Explanation: This option allows parents to defer their loan repayment requirement until the student graduates, withdraws or drops below half time enrollment (less than 6 units). The parent borrower will be responsible for any interest that accrues on the loan during this period of deferment. If the parent borrower answers "No" to this question, their first payment will be due within 60 days after the date of the last disbursement of the loan. 

  • Question 9. Request for 6-Month Post-Enrollment Deferment

Explanation: If the parent borrower answers "Yes" to question 8, they will also be offered the ability to defer their loan payments for an additional 6 months after the student graduates, withdraws, or drops below half time enrollment status (less than 6 units). The parent borrower will be responsible for any interest that accrues on the loan during this period of deferment. If the parent borrower answers "No" to question 9, their loan payment will be due within 60 days of when the student ceases to be enrolled.

  • Question 10. Authorization for Loan to pay for educationally related charges: Required
  • Question 11. Credit Balance Option

Choices: The parent borrower can have any remaining funds disbursed, after educationally related charges have been covered, to either the Parent Borrower or the Student. If the Parent Borrower choses the "Me" option, College of the Redwoods will send the parent a check in the mail with the remaining funds. If the Parent Borrower chooses "The Student" option, any remaining funds will be refunded to the student through their bankmobile refund preference.

  • Question 12. Select the school at which you are requesting a Direct PLUS Loan: College of the Redwoods, 001185, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka CA 95501
  • Question 13. Specify a reason for submitting this Direct PLUS Loan Request

Choices: "New", if this is your first Parent PLUS Loan Application choose this option. "Change," if you wanting to make changes to a previously submitted Parent PLUS Loan application, choose this option and then select which application you are changing.

  • Question 14. Loan Amount Requested

Choices: The Parent Borrower can choose a specific amount (recommended) or they can choose "maximum" which will be a request for up to a students unmet cost. Choosing maximum can result in borrowing Parent PLUS loans in excess of $20,000. If need assistance with determining your students cost, please contact the Financial Literacy Advising Specialist at 707-476-4183 or

  • Question 15. Loan Period: See below
    • If your student plans on attending for both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, your Parent PLUS Loan will have a date range of August 2019-May 2020.
    • If your student is only attending for the Fall 2019 semester (past due), your Parent PLUS Loan will have a date range of August 2019-December 2019.
    • If your student is only attending for Spring 2020, your Parent PLUS Loan will have a date range of January 2020-May 2020.
  • Questions 16-26: Input Parent Borrowers Information (you)
  • Questions 27-29: Employment Information and Certification


Applying for a Parent PLUS Loan

Once the Parent PLUS Loan Borrower has review the Application Resources provided above, the borrower is now ready to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan and complete the MPN. Remember the borrower is the Parent, not the Student, therefore the Parent Borrower will be signing into and completing the Parent PLUS Loan Application and MPN.


Step 1. Go to


Step 2. Sign in with FSA ID and Password


IMPORTANT: The Parent Borrower will be signing into with their FSA ID and Password.
DO NOT USE your Students FSA ID and Password.

Don't have a login? Create an FSA ID and Password

  • Can't get logged in to for FSA ID and Password issues please call: 1-800-433-3243
  • Issues with the Parent PLUS Loan Application? Please call: 1-800-557-7394



Step 3. Complete and Submit the Parent PLUS Loan Application



Step 4. Complete the Loan Agreement for a PLUS Loan (Master Promissory Note (MPN))




What Happens Next? (after you apply)

It generally takes 24 hours for the Parent PLUS Loan to be available for receiving by College of the Redwoods. The Financial Aid Office runs a weekly process to capture any submitted Parent PLUS Loan Applications that have been submitted. Estimated processing time for Parent PLUS Loans are between 3-6 weeks. Please be patient as we run our processes. Once we have finished processing your application and the loan has been awarded, the student will receive an email notifying them to check their award letter online. The parent borrower will receive a paper award letter in the mail detailing loan amounts, loan period, and disbursement dates.

What If I am denied a Parent PLUS Loan? What are the options? Please see this Video


Parent loan borrowers may contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions they have. The Financial Aid Office cannot reset your FSA ID and Password, please contact the number mentioned above. The Financial Aid Office does not manage the website, if you are having issues with the website, please contact the phone number mentioned above. Parents wishing to have access to a students financial aid file, will need to have permission by the student to do so. FERPA protects college students information regardless of age or dependency status. The student will need to fill out a Release of Information Form using our eForm platform. The student should contact the Financial Aid Office if they are having issues with filling out the Release of Information Form. The Financial Aid Office can speak with a parent about their Parent PLUS Loan eligibility, amount, disbursement, and repayment plan options. The Financial Aid Office cannot discuss the types or amounts of financial aid the student is receiving without a release of information on file.

  • Main Office Phone: 707-476-4182
  • Financial Literacy Advising Specialist: 707-476-4183
  • Email:
  • Email: