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Foster & Kinship Care Education Program

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(707) 476-4455



9:00am- 4:00pm

Summer  Hours: June & July Monday-Thursday
9:00am.- 4:00pm
(Closed Fridays)


Class Materials

Please download the appropriate class packet which accompanies each training.  

Humboldt/Del Norte Resource Family Approval Classes: 

The class packet for Modules 1-4 will be mailed to all new RFA Applicants prior to your first class.

RFA Module 1 class packet
RFA Module 2 class packet
RFA Module 3 class packet
RFA Module 4 class packet

Other Humboldt/Del Norte Classes 

To request a hard copy of a class packet,  please email  

Adoptions/Permanency class packet
ADHD/Autism/Medications class packet
Behavioral Health 101 packet 
Child Welfare Services 101 packet
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) packet
Grief & Loss packet

Indian Child Welfare Act
Infants in Care packet -  Safe to Sleep brochure  -  Safe to Sleep brochure (Spanish)
Our Nervous System, Trauma & Attachment packet
Positive Parenting
Teens 101 packet  
Turning Dreams into Degrees

Class Videos

Module 1 - Voices of Youth
Module 2 -
Trauma, Brain, Relationships
Module 3 - Listening to MyselfRyland: The Whittington Family Story, California Tribal CoalitionCommunication                       
Module 4 - Removed  and  Removed 2 - Remember Her Story
Grief & Loss - Removed 3
Adoptions - Neiko's Adoption Story, "Closure", Adoptees Flip the Script
ICWA - How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children, Tribal Sovereignty
ADHD/Autism - ADHD Video, Me & My ADHD, When My ADHD Gets me into TroubleMy ADHD in School, Is Having ADHD an Advantage, What is Autism?, Autistic Behaviors are Human Behaviors, ADHD VS Autism 

CPR/First Aid Classes

CPR/First Aid classes are available online through the Red Cross - This class is "On Demand" (view anytime) and has a cost of $35, which is NOT reimbursed by Humboldt County DHHS. Del Norte DHHS does reimburse for this class. College of the Redwoods offers this class FREE of charge. Check our schedule of classes for day and time.   
First Aid/CPR/AED Workbook

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