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Licensure Information

Applicants must take the licensing examination (NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN) if they have never been licensed as a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse in another state or if they have never passed the national licensing examination.

Learning Links

  • Learning Styles Online Survey
    required for new RN and LVN students. More information available in the New Student Orientation Packet.
  • Learning Styles
    descriptions and suggestions for academic success, etc.
  • Medical Terminology
    Medical terms can be quite intimidating at face value.  All medical terms can be broken into smaller components to help decipher its meaning. For more information about commonly used medical terms, their formation and meanings, along with interactive learning activities follow this link.
  • Math Review
    Online Math Instruction, Reinforcement and Learning Activities. Medication administration often includes calculations  - be sure you have math basics before classes start.

Professional Organizations

Resources for Information

Additional Resources


  • Skyscape
    Huge medical pda site - all Skyscape products link and are cross referenced
  • PDA Cortex
    source for software for healthcare providers - MANY FREE
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