Honors Program

Benefits Awarded to Honors Students

  • The extensive Humboldt State University Library provides checkout services, subscription-only online databases, access to scholarly journals not available at CR’s Library, and more
  • Advanced and enriched freshman and sophomore classes provide excellent preparation for transfer to upper division studies
  • Weekend field trips to museums, galleries, theatre, etc., largely at program expense, underscore the content each semester’s classes
  • Completion of general education transfer requirements
  • Access to honors-only transfer benefits (go to the Honors Transfer Council of California site to view some of the specific transfer benefits)
  • Faculty commitment is not limited to class and regular office hours, but also includes field trips, gatherings, and impromptu chats
  • Extra credit for honors courses at selected schools
  • Partial tuition waiver
  • An online discussion forum informs students of upcoming events and news of interest
  • Welcoming get-togethers mark the beginning of each semester
  • Small class size, student directory lists, and informal get-togethers enhance social and intellectual interaction
  • Guaranteed admission at selected schools
  • Access to significant honors-only scholarships
  • Recognition at graduation includes a bronze medallion for students who have completed three semesters in honors
  • An environment that promotes accomplishment