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Dave Bazard

Earth Sciences

"Students learn when they feel empowered. Toward that end, I use local and observable examples to help students learn about the world around them. Field studies are important in this sense because they empower us to learn about and understand things that are tangible and part of our experience."

Leonard Bechler

Construction Technology

"We can all do this!” That’s my teaching philosophy and my class motto. Through many generations, in many cultures, people have learned to work with wood - from raw timbers to finished furniture. There is math, chemistry, law, physics, etc. baked into what we do. It is a lot to learn but anyone can do it. The older teach the younger and it continues on."

Daniel M. Chick

Communication Studies

"I approach each lesson as an opportunity to uncover the nature of students’ surroundings and of power structures at play. I demonstrate and, in turn, expect engagement that will allow students to uncover these influences in themselves"

Valerie Elder


“Students have lecture in the classroom and just a 10-minute hike leads us into the college's redwood forest. Most days forestry is fun, gratifying hard work. On the days it's not so fun, at least you are out in beautiful places!”

Ryan Emenaker

Political Science

“For many students, community college is their first experience in higher education and I find it inspiring to be here at the beginning of their journey. I believe teaching here makes it easier to facilitate conversations at the other institutions.”

Anibal Florez

Automotive Technology

"I chose this field knowing that it would give me a sense of autonomy and freedom and the ability to live and work wherever I wanted. Once you learn this skill set, you are only going to get better at it the more you work and there are always vehicles everywhere that need repair work."

Phil Freneau

Early Childhood Education, Philosophy, Psychology

"College programs should be models of healthy, safe, and positive environments for students and should foster the development of positive self-esteem."

Levi Gill


"If you walk by one of my classes, you'll generally see a class busy in small groups, talking through activities together. This gives students a chance to engage in the material, get hands-on, and discuss things they tried and learned together."

Derek Glavich

Construction Technology

"My advice to students who want to be successful is to understand that you can never completely master this trade because there's so much to it and it is constantly changing. But, approach it with the intent to master it and never stop learning and bettering yourself."

Michelle Haggerty


"Psychology is a discipline that is ever evolving, based on how we can examine the human experience. I try to model a curious and critical analysis of the discipline for students. My current interests in Psychology include Neuroplasticity, the biological and evolutionary bases for behavior, creativity and psychology, and sex and gender."

Jasmine Iniguez


"I encourage students to study this field because Aquaculturists are constantly innovating and implementing sustainable and healthy approaches. There are multiple opportunities in Aquaculture and the work is rewarding. We take part in feeding the world!"

Darius Kalvaitis

Early Childhood Education

"My classes are multimedia rich environments that have gone past the textbook approaches that were previously the norm. This allows my students to stay in the lead with the newest advances and methods."

Ed Macan


"Ultimately, if I have done my job in both my practical music and my music-in-culture courses correctly, students will understand that, while mastery of musical craft is important, it is but a means to an end, which is to communicate as immediately and effectively as possible with one's audience."

Philip Mancus

Psychology & Sociology

"Having taught in a variety of institutional settings, I find community college students as a whole to be eager to learn and a joy to teach. It is an honor to accompany them on this part of their journey. And, I’m surrounded by dedicated colleagues who put student learning first. This is truly a great place to work."

Natalia Margulis


"My teaching philosophy is simple. I always want to see a classroom where students feel both comfortable and challenged. Where learning to ask good questions (I mean big questions, difficult questions, questions that matter) counts for more than coming up with final answers, especially since we'll be talking about art, creativity, society, culture."

Maria Morrow


"Learning is about exploration. We should all be amazed at every waking moment at how bizarre and beautiful this planet is! I want my students to be able to think of and explore scientific questions to better understand the world around them."

Jon Pace


"Mathematics is one way we can better understand the world we live in. Our world is full of complicated systems that are constantly changing, and modeling these systems with mathematics provides us with insight into how the system works and how our interactions with the systems may affect both the system and ourselves."

Jon Pedicino


"I am constantly astounded by the breadth and diversity of the universe. I share that enthusiasm with my students, some of whom go on to careers in the physical sciences, but all of whom leave these classes with a sense of awe and a changed perspective - both of this planet and the broader solar system and universe beyond."

Carolyn Perkins

Social Work & Human Services

"While some degree programs lock a person in to a particular focus, Social Work is a field that encourages and values a person's ability to remain flexible throughout their career. This portability allows individuals to evolve their careers as they themselves change over time."

Hillary Reed

Dental Assisting

"Learning should be fun, engaging and hands-on, no matter the grade level. The Dental Assisting curriculum is an applied science where theory, content, and memorization are applied to practical hands-on skills in a laboratory setting."

Ernest Shull

Automotive Technology

"I have always enjoyed working on vehicles and find it a rich and rewarding field. There are excellent job opportunities out there with good pay. We also need to start paving the way for the future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, which will soon fill the streets and repair stations."

Sally Urban


"I believe that nursing is both a science and an art - and the greatest benefits to me come in the service to others - both patients and colleagues."

Karen Zich Reiss


"Students sometimes tell me that I teach them how to see, and once they start seeing they ask questions, and I help them develop the language, concepts, and skills to focus their questions and get meaningful answers."


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