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Curriculum Stoplight

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The Curriculum Stoplight allows faculty and administrators to review the currency of all College of the Redwoods course outlines and distance education approvals. Faculty should check the site each semester to ensure that all course outline and distance education approval documents for all CR course offerings are up to date. If you find courses highlighted in yellow (one year from being out-of-date) or red (past the due-date), please attend to them immediately. You should consult with your disciplinary colleagues, your dean or director, or your divisional Curriculum Committee representative or the Curriculum Committee Chair if you are uncertain about how to proceed.


Please report any errors you find in the Stoplight to the Curriculum Committee Chair and the Office of Institutional Research. The Curriculum Stoplight is updated every Friday, so the most recently approved dates may take up to a week to appear in the stoplight after being entered into Datatel.

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