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The Library maintains a collection of reserve materials to support student learning.  However, we are not able to provide copies of all the books and materials used in college courses, and we rely on the assistance of faculty to maintain the reserve collection.  The library is not able to solicit free copies of textbooks from publishers.  We have a limited budget for purchase of textbooks, but faculty should consult with the library staff to see if the library can purchase copies of texts for reserve.  Any items purchased will belong to the library if removed from reserve. Faculty are also encouraged to place their own copies of textbooks and readings on reserve in the library for use by students, subject to the guidelines below. Faculty items placed on reserve will remain the property of the faculty and will be returned to the faculty member at the end of the semester unless they are explicitly donated to the library or are kept on reserve for subsequent semesters.


  • “Videos”  means feature films, documentaries, motion pictures, movies, etc., that have been commercially or privately produced in any format, VHS or DVD. It does not refer to personal or college-produced films of college events or lectures.
  • “Course packets” means photocopied collections of articles or excerpts from books or periodicals compiled by individuals.

What Kind of Materials Can Be Put on Reserve?

Materials purchased/owned by faculty:  books, issues of periodicals, videos, or other media.

  • Videos must be closed captioned or have English subtitles.
  • All materials must be original, purchased items (i.e., no copies; see below)

Materials from the Library's collection: books, videos, copies of periodicals owned by the Library.

Course packets: These will be held on reserve for ONE SEMESTER ONLY.
Course packets may be held on reserve for more than one semester only if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The packet was compiled under the umbrella of an authorized publisher (i.e., Mercury Reader, Seagull Reader, or the College of the Redwoods/Follett bookstore review process) and the licensing agreement with the publisher allows such use.
  • The course packet includes proof of "permission to reproduce" for each article or excerpt.  Library staff are required to stamp each article with the following: "Notice: This material may be protected by copyright. (Title 17, U.S. Code)"

Proof of authorization to distribute is the responsibility of the faculty, not the library, and questionable items lacking such proof may be rejected.

What Can't Be Put on Reserves?

Videos that are not closed captioned.  If the case is not clearly marked, bring the video in to the library. We can check for captions or subtitles.

 Copied materials of any type – video, audio, print, or digital – unless the library is provided with documentation of permission to copy each item.  This includes the following:

  • Course packets or assembled anthologies with no documentation of permission to copy.
  • Copies recorded from any broadcast or TV program (“off-air tapes”)
  • Compilations of recorded or copied selections or “clips” from various different programs or works, audio, video, or print.
  • Copies of entire published works, including plays and musical scores.

Materials which are rented or borrowed from another institution, including rented videos or materials borrowed or rented from another library.

Workbooks intended to be used by the student to write in, such as those sold with a textbook or sold as a textbook (they are considered "consumables")

Download the complete policy here:  Library Reserve Policy.pdf