Licensed Vocational Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the LVN Program start? 

On both Del Norte and Eureka campus, the LVN Program starts every other year in the odd years and completes the fall semester of the even years - 8/2015-12/2016; 8/2017-12/2018.

How many students are admitted to each class? 

We accept 30 students to each program.

When can I apply to the LVN Program?
The Application Period occurs in the Spring semester of odd numbered years. Check "LVN Program Packet" above for updated brochure and information on submitting your application for the program. Immediately following the Application Period, the Selection Process will randomize qualified applicants who have submitted a complete Application to the LVN Program with all specified verification documents attached as requested. Unverified and/or invalidated entries on the application form will cause disqualification of the applicant.

Qualified applications to the LVN Program will be selected by lottery until all available seats are filled. If more qualified applications are received than there are seats available, qualified applicants who apply during the Application Period who are not awarded seats will be maintained in order of the random lottery on a waiting list. The Health Occupation Office will notify students by letter of their acceptance into the LVN Program or their waitlist number. Acceptance will be subject to completion of all prerequisite courses in progress with a grade of 'C' or better during the spring semester.

From the end of the Application Period until the first day of class in the fall, seats that become available will be filled in order from the waiting list. Once the program has begun in the fall semester any remaining qualified applicants who applied during the Application Period will be carried forward for the award of a seat in the next LVN Program.

Students must keep the Health Occupations Office apprised of any changes in their contact information by either faxing new information to 707-476-4419 or emailing updates to Students must also update their information with the College through WebAdvisor.

Applications received after the Application Period will not be maintained on a waiting list.Reapplication will be required for applications received after the Application Period. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the applicant to qualify for enrollment by submitting a complete application with all specified documentation attached during the Application Period.

What are the entrance requirements?
Note: Information is subject to change. Entrance to the Program is subject to an application process.  In filing an application for entrance to the LVN Program, the applicant must verify enrollment at College of the Redwoods, high school graduation or equivalent (verified by official transcript), and successful completion of "prerequisite courses"  English 150 or equivalent and HO 110 Basic Patient Care with a grade of "C" or better (verified by official transcript if taken at a college other than College of the Redwoods). Certified Nurse Assistant documentation, if obtained in California, will substitute for HO 110. If applicants completed the "prerequisite courses" at accredited colleges/universities other than College of the Redwoods, courses must be comparable in course content and unit value.

How do I apply to the LVN Program?

  1. File a completed enrollment form to the College of the Redwoods through WebAdvisor. Students must be accepted by the College to participate in the LVN Program.
  2. Obtain and read an Application to the LVN Program. Applications can be obtained from Counseling Services, the Health Occupations office, or, when available, downloaded from this website.
  3. During open application periods, submit an Application to the LVN Program with all documents of verification attached to the Health Occupations Office. Applications may be either personally delivered or mailed to the Health Occupations Office during the application period. We suggest using certified mail to ensure receipt/verification of your application.
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