Math Lab

The Math Lab is an optional course that is separate from your regular mathematics course. It offers instructional support for mathematics students in a drop-in, self-paced lab environment.

Math Lab resources available at the Eureka campus include:

  • one-on-one or group help from peer tutors
  • additional tutorial assistance from CR mathematics instructors
  • computers (with internet access) and printers
  • access to course software
  • textbooks, solution manuals, and other reference materials

You must be registered for a Math Lab course in order to get help in the Math Lab.

Both the for-credit courses and the non-credit course (Math 252) can be registered for via WebAdvisor or by visiting the Admissions and Records Office.

  • All of the for-credit courses listed below can be taken for either 0.5 unit or 1 unit for the following mathematics courses. Students may register for the 0.5 unit section and later change to the 1.0 unit section, but students are not allowed to reduce down from 1.0 to 0.5 unit later on.
    • Math 380L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 380 Elementary Algebra or Math 102 Path to Stats.
    • Math 120L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 120 Intermediate Algebra or Math 102.
    • Math 194L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 194 Intermediate Algebra for Business and Social Science
    • Math 5L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 5 Contemporary Math.
    • Math 15L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 15 Elementary Statistics.
    • Math 25L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 25 College Trigonometry.
    • Math 30L is the Math Lab course for students taking Math 30 College Algebra.
    • Math 52 is the Math Lab course for students in other transfer-level math courses (Math 4, 45, 55, 50A, 50B, and 50C). Note: These lab courses are open enrollment, which means that you can add the course rather late in the semester, or increase from 0.5 unit to 1 unit. Regardless of when you register, the minimum hours and assignment requirements remain the same in order to get "credit."
  • Math 252 is the non-credit, Open Mathematics Lab that can be taken by anyone enrolled in any mathematics or mathematics-related course. Note: Students taking Math 272 College Arithmetic and Math 276 Pre-Algebra should enroll in the non-credit Math Lab, Math 252.

The Non-Credit Course allows you to drop into the math lab whenever you need help without any minimum time requirements or online assignments.

To earn credit, For-Credit Courses require that you

Note: You can only accrue hours during Math Lab regular open hours. You are responsible to log-in and log-out of the tracking system

    1. Complete a minimum number of hours by the last regular day for the semester.
      • 1/2 credit = 22.5 hours (about 1.5 hours per week, on average)
      • 1 credit = 45 hours (about 3 hours per week, on average)
    2. Complete a moderate set of online assignments through Canvas.

Regardless of whether or not you are taking the Math Lab for credit or non-credit, each time you attend the Math Lab during regular open hours, you must log in at the Math Lab computer when you arrive, and log out when you leave. While logged in at the Math Lab, you work on mathematics – which can be reading, doing homework, and studying. When you have a question or need help, alert one of the tutors, and a tutor will assist you so that you can continue with your mathematics work.

  • On your first visit to the Math Lab each semester, come during open hours and meet with a mathematics instructor working there. Read the Math Lab rules and policies. Sign a Math Lab contract acknowledging you understand the policies and procedures. Note: Signing a contract DOES NOT enroll you in Math Lab.
  • On every subsequent visit to the Math Lab, remember to log in on the Math Lab computer, and log out when you leave. Attendance is taken periodically in the Math Lab. If you are not present when your name is called, you can lose all the time for that session. If for any reason you need to make an adjustment to your logged hours, please fill out a Time Adjustment Form and turn it in to the Math Lab Coordinator. Continue to log in and out even after your hours requirement has been met.
  • Log onto Canvas periodically (at least once per week) to check your Math Lab page for information, announcements, messages, and new assignments.

Instructor Math Lab Schedule

Spring 2019 (Eureka Campus)

Location: Academic Support Center (ASC), at the west end of the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

Math Lab Spring 2019 Instructor schedule V5 01.10.19-1


Spring 2019 (Del Norte Campus)


Location: DM 36

Instructor: Levi Gill        MW 12:30-1:30              TTh 1-2


Spring 2019 (Klamath Trinity Campus)

Location: Room 1

Instructor: Danny Ammon Tues 5:55PM- 6:55PM Thurs 5:55PM- 6:55PM




Division Information

Mathematics, Sciences, Behavioral & Social Sciences

 Dave Bazard, Dean

 Cindy Anderson


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