Due to COVID-19, the Math Lab is now hosted virtually through the Math 52/252 Canvas Shell.  

Please read through the following updated information about how the math lab will be ran until further notice.  



Virtual Math Lab

The Math Lab is an optional course that is separate from your regular mathematics course. It offers instructional support for mathematics students in a drop-in, self-paced, online environment through Canvas.

Students can video-chat through Zoom with a mathematics instructor or post questions in a discussion forum.

Math Lab resources available with Online Math Lab:

  • one-on-one video or phone chat help from CR mathematics instructors
  • access to discussion forums answered by CR mathematics instructors and peer tutors

You must be registered for a Math Lab course in order to get help in the Math Lab.


Register for Math Lab in Webadvisor.  

There is both a for-credit course (Math 52) and a non-credit course (Math 252).  

  • MATH-52 is the for-credit course that can be taken for either 0.5 unit or 1 unit for students enrolled in a math course at College of the Redwoods.
    Note: This lab course is open enrollment, which means that you can add the course rather late in the semester, or increase from 0.5 unit to 1 unit.  Regardless of when you register, the minimum hours and assignment requirements remain the same in order to get "credit."
  • Math-252 is the non-credit, Open Mathematics Lab that can be taken by anyone enrolled in any mathematics or mathematics-related course.
    Note: Students taking MATH-272 College Arithmetic and MATH-276 Prealgebra should enroll in the non-credit Math Lab, MATH-252.

The Non-Credit Course allows you to drop into the math lab whenever you need help without any minimum time requirements or online assignments.

To earn credit, For-Credit Courses require that you:

  1. Complete a minimum number of hours by the last regular day for the semester.
    • 1/2 credit = 22.5 hours (about 1.5 hours per week, on average)
    • 1 credit = 45 hours (about 3 hours per week, on average)
      Note: Since Math Lab is now online, students will NOT log hours. For Spring 2020, students enrolled in Math 52 (1/2 credit or 1 credit) will NOT need to meet minimum hour requirements. Students in for-credit Math Lab will still need to complete a set of inline assignments.

2.  Complete a set of online assignments through Canvas.

To access Online Math Lab, visit the course page on Canvas.  Your hours will not be tracked for the remainder of the semester.  When you have a question or need help, you can get help in two ways:

1) Written tutoring help

    • Post your math question in the Discussions tab.
    • Find your math subject from the different discussion topics and reply to the instructional post.
    • A tutor will respond to your post with math help.

2) Real time tutoring help

    • Real time tutoring help is facilitated through Zoom.
    • If you are on your smart device (phone or tablet) or computer, enter the online Zoom session by following the link. You will be received in a waiting room and the instructor will let you in when they are free.
    • You can also call in and have a phone conversation with the tutor.

Additional Tips:
Look over the schedule to see if your instructor has hours in the Math Lab.
Log onto Canvas periodically (at least once per week) to check your Math Lab page for information, announcements, messages, and new assignments.



Virtual Math Lab 

Instructor Schedule - Fall 2020 

Location: Math Lab Canvas Page - Math 52/252

Sign into Canvas:


To gain access to the virtual math lab (Canvas Course), please register for MATH-52 (for credit), or MATH-252 (non-credit) through WebAdvisor.





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