Mark Renner, Earth Science

Mark Renner, Earth Science

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What do you love most about teaching at CR?
Long before we were instructors at CR, we were students (perhaps like you). My first college experience was in obtaining an A.S. degree at a superb community college where, because of the dedication of the instructors, I found the quality of instruction to be extraordinary. Even as I thoroughly enjoyed being a student, I learned to admire the excellent instructors. I love the fact that these same qualities are supported and exemplified by instructors at CR. There are so many talented, gifted instructors here; it makes being part of CR a special treat.

What do you love most about your discipline?
I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Wyoming surrounded by outcrops of beautiful rocks: cross-bedded sandstones, fossiliferous limestones, and gleaming granites. It was impossible not to become totally fascinated by earth science and geology. No matter where I travel, I find wonder in the natural world around me: the animals, plants, and forests. Rocky outcrops are the ultimate jigsaw puzzle waiting to be read by those who know how to read pages in stone. There are volumes of history waiting to be deciphered; a grand study to which I'll be devoted for my lifetime.

Mark Renner was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, spending a great amount of time in the mountains of WY, MT, CO and ID. During college and graduate school (B.S. and M.S. in Geology [Stratigraphy/Sedimentology/Paleontology] with a minor in Computer Science), Mark spent every spare moment climbing rocks (and frozen waterfalls). After graduate school Mark worked for 6 years for a company as a consulting geologist and computer scientist, traveling to Australia and Asia and most of the lower 48 states. Mark gave frequent training seminars (in groundwater and hydrogeologic principles) to universities and businesses. Afterwards Mark founded and ran a small consulting firm for 5 years, then joined College of the Redwoods, Del Norte. In his spare time, Mark (who obtained an A.S. in Photography right after high school) loves photographing wild places and landscapes.

Photo Caption: Mark Renner with GEOL-1 students on outcrops near Pebble Beach Drive at Crescent City.

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